DIN 471 retaining ring

DIN 471 retaining ring

What is DIN 471 Retaining Ring?

The DIN 471 retaining ring is a fastener that holds assemblies into the shaft or housing. A DIN 471 Retaining Ring is typically installed in a groove that can be used only a single time. The exposed portion acts as a shoulder that retains the assembly for a long time. The DIN 471 Circlip Groove creates a lightweight connection and has good rotation speed. These grooves allow for easy installation in the system. The DIN 471 ISO External Retaining Rings For Shafts can be designed into three categories based on their design. This equipment helps design for axial installation that makes it expand and work in place.

DIN 471 Retaining Ring Specifications

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What does DIN 471 mean?

The DIN 471 covers the standard specification of retaining rings for shafts. A Spring Retaining Ring DIN 471 are axially assembled ring that helps transmit high axial load between elements.

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How do you size a Seeger Ring DIN 471?

The DIN 471 Seeger ring can be checked by measuring its outer diameter, wire diameter, and thickness using a caliper. Seeger Ring DIN 471 outside diameter is determined by measuring the left to the right side with the gap facing away. Measure across the wire section of the Seeger DIN471 to check its wire diameter. Finally, the thickness can be checked by placing the ring in the caliper.

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What is the tolerance for a Circlip DIN 471?

The tolerance of DIN 471 circlip is based on the diameter and thickness of the grade. Generally, the Circlip DIN 471 has a tolerance of +0.1/-0.

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How do I measure my DIN 471 external ring size for a snap?

The DIN 471 snap external ring size can be measured using a caliper tool. DIN 471 A4 External Snap Rings are measured based on their inside diameter and thickness.

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What is the purpose of a DIN 471 Snap Ring?

The DIN 471 snap ring is a C shaped metallic ring that retains a fastener for assembly parts with circular interior bores. DIN 471 Snap Ring has higher tensile strength that makes it snap into the radial groove to stay in the right place. This External Circlip DIN 471 keeps parts in a compact, lightweight design requiring fewer machining operations.