DIN 6921 flange bolt

DIN 6921 Flange Bolt

What is DIN 6921 flange bolt?

The DIN 6921 flange bolt is the German standard of flanges. A DIN 6921 Bolt has a wider surface area and provides even weight distribution and clamping pressure. The versatile DIN 6921 A2 Flange Bolts act similarly to washers eliminating the requirement to combine one or more kinds of bolts. These bolts are designed in different materials having different strengths. ISO 6921 Flanged Hexagon Bolt have good anti rotational teeth and bolster good strength. These bolts can work in different conditions and specifications. The DIN 6921 12.9 Metric Flange Bolt are designed in an array of sizes to meet different project requirements.

DIN 6921 Flange Bolt Specifications

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What is DIN 6921 hex flange bolt?

The DIN 6931 hex flange bolt is a six sided grade designed to securely seal different equipment. A DIN 6921 Hex Flange Bolt is used to create a strong clamping force and has a threaded body. These bolts are affixed using a washer or nut to efficiently fasten them.

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How do you calculate the weight of a DIN 6921 bolt?

The weight of a bolt is an important factor used to determine the load it can handle in the system. A DIN 6921 Flange Bolt is calculated using the formula Length x Width x Thickness x Density.

DIN 6921 screw and hexagon flange bolts metric available in M5 – M16 sizes

What size are DIN 6921 hexagon flange bolts metric?

A metric DIN 6921 hexagon flange bolt is designed in nominal diameters from M6 to M20 or more. The DIN 6921 Hexagon Flange Bolts Metric has a thread pitch of 1 to 2.5 sizes. These flange bolts are designed in standard dimensions of 18mm to 46mm.

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What is the use of DIN 6921 hex serrated flange screw?

The DIN 6921 ISO hexagonal serrate flange screw has circular grooves having a continuous spiral groove with good sealing. DIN 6921 ISO Hex Serrated Flange Screw are a feature in heavy industry equipment, vehicle frames, and projects that require heavy vibration. The DIN 6921 8.8 Hexagon Serrated Flange Head Bolt is a feature in different industries.

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What are the disadvantages of a 6921 DIN hex flange head bolt?

A 6921 DIN hex flange head bolt has a higher profile head that requires them to have higher torque requirements. The 6921 DIN Hex Flange Head Bolt requires special fastening material requiring more room to take up to fasten them. The versatile grade of DIN 6921 10.9 Hex Head Flange Bolt may fracture when exposed to heavy loads. They may also corrode when exposed to harsh media for prolonged periods.