DIN 7984

DIN 7984 hexagon socket thin head cap screws

What is DIN 7984 hexagon socket thin head cap screws?

The DIN 7984 hex socket thin head cap screw is a fastener designed with a lower profile head specification. 7984 DIN Hex Socket Head Cap Screws allow connection with different equipment. These screws help create better clamping force and joining. The DIN 7984 Screw is designed having a hexagon cross section and can fit well in compact spaces. These screws are fastened using a wrench, hex, Allen key, etc. A DIN 7984 Torx Socket Cap Screw is a feature in machine parts, die fixtures, and clamping systems. These screws are designed in variable sizes and customized as per requirements.

DIN 7984 Hexagon Socket Thin Head Cap Screws Specifications

DIN 7984 Hexagon Socket Thin Head Cap Screws Weight Chart

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What is DIN 7984?

A DIN 7984 is a German standard for low head socket cap screws. The DIN 7984 8.8 Cap Screws are designed with different materials, finishes, and sizes. These screws are designed in full or partial thread specifications.

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What is a DIN 7984 low head socket cap screw?

The din 7984 low head socket cap screw is a precision fastener grade. DIN 7984 A2 Low Cap Screws have a lower height and provide superior fatigue control. This is due to the tightly controlled fillet across the head and the body. The DIN 7984 A4 Cylinder Head Screw is designed in metric sizes of M4 to M20.

DIN 7984 torx socket cap screw and ISO7984 socket head cap screws are used for die fixturing and clamping in GCC countries

Applications of DIN 7984 bolt

The DIN 7984 bolt is used to fasten wood, metal, and plastic easily. A DIN 7984 Bolt are used in fastening petrochemicals, drilling, pipeline, highway structures, bridges, etc.

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Advantages of ISO 7984 hexagon socket thin head cap screws

The advantage of the ISO 7984 thin socket hex head cap screw can handle a higher load due to its stress-bearing surface. These ISO 7984 Hexagon Socket Thin Head Cap Screws are easy to install and dismantle. They easily sink into the workpiece and have an aesthetical outlook. The ISO7984 Socket Head Cap Screws have good strength and outstanding mechanical properties.

DIN 7984 A4 cylinder head screw available in M3- M24 metric sizes

How do you measure a DIN 7984 ISO hexagon socket thin head screw?

The DIN 7984 ISO hex socket head screw can be measured using the diameter and length. The DIN 7984 ISO Hexagon Socket Thin Head Screw diameter is measured based on its major and minor diameters. The length of the screw is measured from its hex head to the blunt end.