Dom tube

Dom Tube

What is a DOM tube?

Much complex steel tubing worldwide is helpful in various applications in several sectors. With the increasing demand for high-strength tubing to resist temperatures exceeding a thousand Fahrenheit, many alloys are used to make them. Also, the manufacturing process determines the strength of the steel tubing suitable for high temperature, pressure and corrosion resistance.

DOM tube is one such steel tubing suitable for high-temperature applications. DOM tubing or drawn-over mandrel tubing is more than the steel tube by the cold drawn welding method to produce superior quality steel tubes through 1020/1026 electrical resistance.

Dom tube sizes, tolerance and specification

Dom Tube Specification

Dom Tube Properties and Sizes

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What is the DOM steel tubing manufacturing process?

DOM steel tubing manufacturing process is unique to provide highly tight OD or outer diameter and ID or inner diameter tolerances. The 1.75 DOM tubing, 2 DOM tubing and other tubing manufacturing process starts with an ERW or electrically welded tube, which gets cold drawn through a die. Inserting the carbide mandrel inside the tube’s bore after pointing to the raw tube is the next step. The die and mandrel optimize and determine the D/T or diameter-to-thickness ratio.

DOM is one of the many tube milling techniques now using CAD or computer-aided design to have many improvements. It includes increased productivity and reduced lead times and costs.

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Can you bend the DOM tubing?

While the pipe is for transporting fluids and gases, DOM steel tubes are for structural applications that contain pressure. Hence it is possible to bend DOM 1.5 tubing and others to make many things. It includes frame cross-members, tire carriers, shock hoops, roll cages, bumpers, and others.

Tubing benders are the best equipment to bend 1 DOM tubing, square bend tubing and others. Though there are many benders, most have the same principles with slight operating differences. While bending pre-bent DOM tubing and similar others, it is essential to bend a few degrees more than the required specification for the tube to return to the correct dimension.

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Is the DOM pipe stronger than HREW?

Yes. DOM pipe is more robust than HREW or hot rolled electric welded pipes. The yield strength of DOM is around 70ksi, whereas that of HREW is only 40ksi. DOM round steel tube is an additional manufacturing process to HREW to strengthen it.

DOM tubing prices are higher than HREW because of their superior strength, even when drilling rocks and other hard surfaces. ASTM A513 type 5 is a cold-drawn 1020/1026 ERW tube with all flash removed before the cold drawing to have a higher strength than all traditional electric welded tubing.

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Does the DOM steel tube have a seam?

Yes. DOM steel tubes have a seam for many to label them as seamless tubes mistakenly. As the tubing with the most robust welding strength because of the unique manufacturing process, it produces seams. But the seam is almost invisible for most of the tubing made with DOM manufacturing methods.
Though the DOM manufacturing method involves cold drawing, it is not seamless tubing.

There is a seam but not visible to the naked eye, and hence many mistakes it for the seamless tube. But the cold-drawn process provides the tube with improved surface finish, optimal dimensional tolerances and the best weld strength than others.

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Is drawn over mandrel tubing Chromoly?

No. The drawn-over mandrel tubing is not Chromoly. The significant reason is DOM does not need a specific alloy to make the tubing and could be Chromoly, mild steel or any alloy. But Chromoly tubing needs one of the low-alloy steels containing molybdenum and chromium. Also, the alloy should have carbon, iron and other elements to make the tubing strong.

The DOM process produces a uniform and concentric product with dimensional tolerance per the specified needs. Hence it is best for hydraulic cylinders, automotive components and other mechanical parts. Chromoly with high strength and corrosion is best used in aerospace and race car parts, apart from making gas delivery tubing, machine and crankshafts.