Double ferrule fittings

Double ferrule fittings

What are double ferrule fittings?

Instrumentation applications require connections that avoid leakage and create a durable seal between pipes. Double ferrule fittings comprise a nut, a front ferrule, the body, and a back ferrule. The dual ferrules grasp the tube through an axial movement along its wall. It limits the torque transfer from the connection to the pipe and lowers the likelihood of leakage.

Twin ferrule tube fittings are available in different sizes and specifications. They get made with stainless steel or other materials that can resist corrosion, such as titanium, Alloy 600, and Incoloy 625.

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These fittings operate in critical industrial applications like oil and gas, mandating some specific features vis-à-vis safety and integrity. A double compression fitting can work on thick and thin-walled tubing and is compatible with materials like steel and copper. It also displays thermal compatibility and is resistant to corrosion and pulsation. The assembly does not require specialized equipment or tools.

Two ferrule fittings are usually self-aligning and unobtrusive in affecting the flow area. They can handle temperature cycles from cryogenic to high thermals and fit in various industrial environments. Typically, these fittings can work in different pressure conditions, including vacuum.

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Quick installation and reduced f galling are the prime advantages of these fittings. When you use double ferrule compression fittings, the stress transmitted to the tube is limited. This simplifies both assembly and disassembly. It also reduces thread damage and prevents future leaks.

Industries comfortably use double ferrule tube fittings in high temperatures and pressures to transfer corrosive materials. These connections get manufactured in different sizes with various materials like stainless steel, titanium, super alloys, etc. The low-torque makeup of these fittings makes them an attractive choice in many sectors like gas systems and hydraulic piping.

Double compression fitting is interchangeable with Ermeto, HY-LOK, Swagelok, Legris, and Parker in the United Arab Emirates

How it works:

Four components come together in these fittings: the body, a nut, a front ferrule, and a rear ferrule. Double compression tube fittings rely on geometry to create a leak-proof installation. As the nut is tightened or rotated clockwise, the ferrules get pushed. The mechanical thrust pushes the rear one to the back of the front ferrule. Likewise, the front one goes into the tapered section of the body.

A two ferrule compression fitting creates a tight seal that can withstand abrasion and avoid galling. It is a good idea to confirm that the thrust on the seal is uniform. Steering clear of over tightening is also imperative.

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How do you measure for twin ferrule fittings?

The basic procedure is to measure the outside diameter or OD of the piping. It will be the size required for the twin ferrule fittings. You can also measure the inner diameter (ID) of the nut.

For an accurate measurement, you will need the diameter of the threads. Usually, you can find sizes like 8mm, 10mm, etc., or the corresponding metric in inches. Finally, you will need to specify the connection size, such as 1/2 inch BSP or NPT. Twin Ferrule Compression Fittings are available in many specifications to suit different industrial applications.

Double ferrule compression tube fittings in NPT, NPTF, BSPT ( BS 21), BSPP ISO 228/1, Metric configuration

Applications of double ferrule tube fittings

Applications requiring high pressures, cryogenic temperatures, and galling-proof seals often utilize these connections. You can find double ferrule compression tube fittings in petrochemicals, refining, instrumentation lines, pharmaceuticals, and shipbuilding industries. They provide a sturdy mechanical grip and can operate in diverse environmental conditions, including vacuum.

Fluid Controls Double Ferrule Fittings are also preferred in onshore oil and gas companies, power generation, and semiconductor applications. These get designed with corrosion-resistant materials that can handle the required media. Connection types like reducing unions, elbows, and tees get used depending on the specific needs.