Double jacketed gasket

double jacketed gasket

What is a Double Jacketed Gasket?

Metal gaskets are characterized by their blowout resistance, and capability to handle stressful situations. These constitute a thin metallic outer shell, inside which is filler material. Now, these gaskets are of two kinds, single and double-jacketed. The double jacketed gasket is one that is completely enclosed by a two-piece metal. This includes the inner and outer diameters of both the sealing surfaces. These are resistant to corrosion and can be applied in high-temperature applications. Their uses are in heat exchangers, gas pipes and other applications.

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Maximum & Minimum Temperature of Double metal jacketed gasket

A Double metal jacketed gasket has two main parts, the inner core material and the outer metal shell. Thanks to the qualities of each, the gasket is both heat and pressure resistant. It has a wide temperature range, from cryogenic to as much as around 500 degrees celsius on the other end. The maximum and minimum temperature of these gaskets, among other things, is determined by the choice of both parts. In a heat exchanger, for example, the common combination is a PTFE inner core and a carbon steel shell. This can handle a maximum temperature of 300 degrees Celsius.

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How To Install A DJ Gaskets?

Dj gaskets can be ordered in custom shapes and sizes. The same goes for their build material (both inner core and outer shell). Now, successful installation of these gaskets requires clean and damage-free flange faces, or else the seal may be affected. Using sealing compounds or grease is not recommended, and one must choose dry installation for Envelope gasket (double jacketed gaskets). While these may make it easy to install the gasket initially, it harms their stability and can even destroy them. For tongue and groove flanges, the gasket’s face with turned edges is to be at the inside of the groove.

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Soft Iron Double Jacketed Gasket Are Normally Made With?

Among the general choices for jacketed metal gaskets, is a soft iron double jacketed gasket. Because of their construction, it is a fact that these have an outer metal shell, and an inner material. So it is clear that soft iron is the metal outer shell in such a gasket. Now, these gaskets can be custom manufactured depending on the application. Also, the inner filler material can be chosen from PTFE, graphite, ceramic and so on. So it all depends on the application you have for the Garlock double jacketed gasket. The materials can be chosen accordingly.

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Is Flexitallic Double Jacketed Gasket Corrosion Resistance?

Flexitallic double jacketed gasket is among the best options available in the industry. These are always reliable, thanks to their quality control and efficient manufacturing. Among the most important features of these gaskets is their high-pressure and high-temperature resistance. Moreover, these are also resistant to corrosion which makes them further useful. It is the outer metal shell in these gaskets that provides resistance to corrosion. And the degree to which such resistance is available depends on the material of the shell. A double jacketed metal gasket can be made from a variety of materials. So the degree of its corrosion resistance also depends on the medium.

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Features & Benefits of Flat Metal Double Jacketed Gasket

Features of a flat metal double jacketed gasket

  • The gasket has a metal outer jacket with a resilient core
  • It can be ordered over 60” in diameter size
  • The gasket can be used for temperatures above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • There are different construction types for maximum resilience
  • The right material can be chosen, based on the application. For example, double jacketed graphite filled gasket
  • Benefits
  • The gaskets are available in standard thicknesses and pass bar designs
  • Thanks to the flexible design, pass partition is possible in heat exchangers
  • These are cost-effective products.