Double regulating valves

Double regulating valves

What are double regulating valves?

Fluid flow control is an inevitable aspect in pipelines as it has to deal with the amount of fluid that is flowing through the pipelines. There are different types of valves that are used to control the flow rate of the fluid inside any pipeline. The function of the valves varies and the Double regulating valves are used to regulate the flow at a steady rate regardless of the pressure drop in the line. The spindle in the valve is a preadjustment that is applied before the operation, which maintains the flow rate at a predetermined value.

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What is double regulating valve in water supply?

Water supply lines often have to deal with hot and cold water. This difference causes pressure differences. The Fixed orifice double regulating valve can be adjusted earlier to a rate of flow and regardless of the coldness or hotness of the water, the flow rate will still be maintained. The orifice can be either fixed or vary in the Variable orifice double regulating valve. This allows for different sizes and types of valves to be fitted to the appropriate systems.

Boss double regulating valve available in many end connections such as buttweld or socket weld, flanged or threaded

What is a double regulating valve used for?

For applications where the pressure is expected to drop often, and the flow rate has to be maintained steady, the Double regulating balancing valve is an appropriate fit. The double-regulating valves are known as balancing valves for the reason that they balance the pressure and maintain the flow. The Oventrop double regulating valve is used on special occasions. There are other different types of double-regulating valves as well.

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What is the function of the double regulating valve?

A double-regulating valve balances the pressure to adjust the flow rate of the liquid. The Stainless steel double regulating valve can be applied in water channels and it will maintain the flow rate unchanged even when the pressure or temperature in the line drops within the threshold levels. There are different brands such as the Boss double regulating valve which are known in the market for best performances.

Oventrop double regulating valve required to meet API-598, API600, ISO10434, API602, API603, and API6d leakage criteria, check boss double regulating valve price list in Dubai

What is the difference between fixed orifice and variable orifice DRV?

An orifice is the determining part of the valve. The Bronze double regulating valve can either have a fixed orifice where the pressure drop is measured and used to maintain the flow rate. The variable orifice measures the pressure drop across its plug and it is used as the factor to determine the flow rate. There are even specific types such as the Jet double regulating valve which are used for unique application types.

Specific sizes and dimensions are available in stainless steel double regulating valves, and fixed orifice double regulating valves at dealer price in Sharjah

Where do you fit a double regulating valve?

The most applied location is in front of a pump to maintain a leveled flow rate to the pump. There are portable water, air conditioning, energy, hydronic balancing, and other applications where different types of double regulating valves such as the Thermostatic double regulating valve are used. The user can also be seen in water treatment plants, pressure maintenance systems, and underfloor heating facilities.