DSQ plate

dsq plate

What is dsq plate ?

DSQ are popular plates all over the world and in domestic markets. The DSQ Plate is designed with a chemical content of carbon, manganese, phosphorous, silicon, and sulfur. The superior dsq Plate chemical composition allows the plate to work in oxidative conditions and corrosive environments. These plates work in lower and higher temperature conditions. The DSQ Plate has good strength and is available in thicknesses from 6mm to 50mm. They are available in widths of 2000mm and lengths of up to 6000mm.

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DSQ Plate Specification

DSQ Plate Properties

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Where dead soft quality plate is suitable to use ?

The DSQ plates are suitable in the petrochemical, shipbuilding, offshore and onshore services, and the oil & gas industry. These plates are also a feature in slide conveyors, heat exchangers, the chemical industry, galvanized coating tanks, etc. The dsq Plate full form- dead soft quality plate is used in different applications.


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What is temperature range of dsq galvanizing plate ?

The galvanizing plate works well in low temperatures as well as in high temperatures up to 392 degrees F.


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How packaging of dsq boiler quality plate is done ?

The dsq plate can be packed with wooden pallets that can be used to transport the material. The plates can also be packed following custom packing, especially for long distance customers.


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How to cut dsq 50 plate ?

The DSQ 50 plates have good machinability that allows them to be cut in different procedures. Generally, dsq steel plate can be cut using plasma cutting, water jet cutting, and laser cutting methods are used to cut the material. The plates can also be cut in custom machined as per customer requirements.


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What are benefits of dsq plate sail ?

The dsq plate has superior strength and excellent dimensional accuracy. The sail dsq plate have outstanding flexibility, and tolerances to work in different temperatures and are very reliable. The plates are easy to fabricate and weld, giving them good formability. The Sail DSQ plates have good corrosion resistance properties and have a long service life.