Ductile iron flanges joints

ductile iron flanges joints

What is a ductile iron flanges joints?

A ductile iron flanges joints are a type of connection utilized to join two or more piping equipment. These pipes are equipped with a flange or a raised ridge based around their outer perimeter. The flanged fittings are made pressure tight, utilizing a gasket to tighten the bolts. They have good flexibility and are very rigid.

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Is ductile iron flange joint stronger than steel?

Steel is designed with different manufacturing processes and has different strengths. A Ductile iron flange joint has better yield strength as compared to cast iron steel. However, forged steel has better tensile and fatigue strength than the ductile iron flange.

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How are ductile iron pipe flange joints to the pipe?

A ductile iron pipe flange joints can be connected to different piping equipment. Generally, Ductile iron pipe flange joints are joints using flange adaptors, couplings, mechanical joint fittings, and UNI flanges.

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Does ductile iron flanged joint rust?

Ductile iron flanged joints, like most materials go through an oxidation process resulting in rust. The Ductile iron flanged joint is tolerant to rust for long periods, giving them an edge in the industry.

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Why is ductile iron flange joint so expensive?

Ductile iron is designed requiring extra nodular agent materials that make them more expensive than gray iron. However, they are easy to cast and cheaper than austenitic and malleable iron grades.

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Can ductile iron mechanical joint flange crack?

A ductile iron mechanical joint flange is designed with a multiphase material consisting of graphite particles. The graphite particles of the Ductile iron mechanical joint flange act as stress concentrators that can result in cracking. Cracking can also be caused due to shrinkage of the linings and utilization in varying temperatures.