Ductile iron pipe

Ductile iron pipe

What is ductile iron pipe ?

The pipes made of ductile cast iron and commonly used for transmission and distribution of potable water, is known as Ductile iron pipe. It is equipped with strength, reliability, and of course durability for transporting different types of raw materials and water, slurries, sewage, etc. The Ductile iron can withstand all types of damages caused during handling or shipping. These pipes come with several advantages, like:

Ductile Iron Pipe Specification

Ductile Iron Pipe Properties

Ductile Iron Pipe Dimensions and Weight Chart

  • The Ductile iron spun pipe needs less maintenance and their service life can last over 100 years.
  • They help in delivering clean water worldwide.
  • Ductile iron pipe manufacturers offer sustainable products that are safe and recyclable.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • Renowned Di pipe manufacturer in India confirms that Di pipe is safe and it shows great performance over the years.

Recommended grades

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Ductile iron pipe vs steel pipe

The primary difference between 3 ductile iron pipe and steel pipes lie in its carbon content. Ductile iron has higher carbon content than steel, hence they have greater hardness, strength, and hardenability. They also have different manufacturing processes and applications. Talking about mechanical properties, the yield strength of 6 ductile iron pipe is higher than steel pipes. However, the shock resistance properties of steel are better than ductile iron pipes. But when it comes to vibration damping properties, ductile iron has a higher ground in that. Also, the cost of ductile iron is significantly low compared to that of steel. Ductile iron shows better resistance to corrosion and their structural integrity is also less impaired, but they have low weldability than steel.

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Is ductile pipe the same as cast iron pipe ?

No, Ductile pipe is not the same as cast iron pipe. There is a difference in the shape of graphite- cast iron has small flakes of graphite whereas ductile iron has spherical graphite nodules. Ductile iron is less brittle compared to the cast iron, even before the heat treatment is executed. Also, ductile iron has bendability but the gray cast iron is much harder. Ductile iron is more elastic and it has twice the tensile strength of cast iron. The yield strength of ductile iron is 40k whereas there is no yield strength of cast iron at all. This means on bending, ductile iron conforms a little whereas cast iron simply cracks.

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What is the difference between di pipe pressure and thickness class ?

The 4 ductile iron pipe pressure determines how much pressure the given pipe can handle, whereas thickness class refers to the wall thickness.

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Can american ductile iron pipe be used for natural gas ?

Use of American ductile iron pipe is not permitted for transporting natural gas.

Are you having trouble finding cut-to-size 3 inch ductile iron pipe for your project? You may buy ductile pipe here. understand why is di pipe exterior so “Bumpy”?

Why is di pipe exterior so “Bumpy”?

The Di pipe is bumpy as molds form on different pipe sizes and joint types during the process of casting. Over time, these molds should be refurbished. Peening the mold creates a bumpy surface.