Duplex manifold valve

Duplex manifold valve

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Duplex manifold valves are made from Duplex stainless steel.  They combine multiple valve functions into one unit and simplify system design and reduce potential leak points. The use of Duplex stainless steel brings durability, reliability, and corrosion resistance.

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Duplex Manifold Valve Specification

Duplex Manifold Valve Properties

Uns s31803 and s32205 manifold solenoid valves suppliers in UAE

A 2205 duplex stainless steel manifold solenoid valve can come in different configurations. The Type A is one such configuration that has two block valves and an equalizer valve. What this means is that, it can regulate the pressure in a system very effectively and block the backflow at the same time. It also allows the equalization of pressure between the high and low-pressure sides of the system. The Type A manifold is commonly used in differential pressure measurement applications. In applications like oil and gas lines, it provides reliability and accuracy in the readings.

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When selecting an Alloy 2205 manifold control valve, experts and engineers recommend considering the following factors:

  • Material compatibility: Ensure that the valve material is compatible with the process media and operating conditions.
  • Pressure and temperature ratings: Choose a valve with suitable pressure and temperature ratings for the application.
  • International standards: Select a valve that complies with relevant international standards to ensure quality and reliability.

Alloy 2205 manifold valve as per ANSI/NACE Mr0175/iso 15156 international standards, Swagelok/ parker equivalent uns s31803 manifold tuning valve at wholesale pricing in Dubai

International standards for UNS S31803 manifold tuning valve include:

  • ASME B16.34: Valves – Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End
  • ISO 5208: Industrial Valves – Pressure Testing of Metallic Valves
  • API 6D: Specification for Pipeline and Piping Valves
  • MSS SP-99: Instrument Valves for Code Applications
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To find genuine stockists of Alloy 2205 instrumentation manifolds in the GCC countries, follow these steps:

  • Research: Conduct thorough research on the stockists’ reputation, certifications, and client feedback.
  • Verify certifications: Check for certifications such as ISO 9001 or API 6D, which indicate the stockist’s commitment to quality.
  • Obtain references: Request references from satisfied customers to verify the stockist’s credibility.
  • Visit the stockist’s facility: If possible, visit the stockist’s facility to assess their infrastructure and inventory.
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What is the main purpose of the manifold?

The main purpose of an ASTM A182 f51 s31803 hydraulic manifold valve is to provide a centralized connection point for multiple instruments or process lines, allowing for efficient control and monitoring of fluid flow. Manifolds can isolate individual instruments from the process line, equalize pressure between high and low-pressure sides, and provide additional functionality such as venting, calibration, or drainage. Duplex manifold valves, like the Alloy 2205 manifold valve, offer enhanced corrosion resistance and strength, making them ideal for demanding applications.