Duplex pipe

Duplex Pipe

What is Duplex Pipe?

Duplex stainless steel celebrated its 90th anniversary worldwide as its use increased from its first production in 1930. Duplex’s name is because of its two dual-phase metallic structures. One is the austenitic face of the covered cubic lattice and ferrite body with centred cubic lattice. Unlike the traditional austenitic gamma phase iron, it is a Fe-Ni-Cr alloy to make pipes with high strength and corrosion resistance, among other properties.

The duplex pipe has high chromium and nickel and both austenitic and ferritic characteristics. ss duplex pipe
is made of alloys with varying compositions of 18 to 28% chromium, 3 to 10% nickel in low C conditions, and other elements like copper, titanium, nitrogen, etc.

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Duplex Pipe Specification

Duplex Pipe Properties

What is duplex stainless steel pipe material grade?

There are over 3500 grades to provide suitable steel per the application needs. The grading system enables the characterization of the steel types depending on the different uses, which make tubi duplex distinct from one another. ASTM uses the ‘A’ prefix with numbers assigned sequentially, and SAE grades steed with four-digit numbers. The first two numbers denote the steel type, and carbon concentration gets indicated by the last two digits.

The material-grade pipes made from duplex are of high-grade stainless steel. And the grades depend on the carbon content, other elements, and processing methods.

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How to weld duplex stainless steel seamless pipe?

Duplex pipes having the properties and microstructure of both ferrite and austenitic steels is not tricky to weld but different from other steels. Duplex steel welding characteristics are better than ferrite but not on par with austenitic steels. But with more nitrogen used in today’s duplex steels, it is easily weldable but follows specific procedures.

  • MMAW or manual metal arc welding is best for position and single shield welding with limited access using a short arc to give stability by reducing the nitrogen pick-up risk
  • GTAW or gas tungsten arc welding is best for pipe joints made of thin materials less than 4mm
  • There are other traditional and new methods like GMAW, SAW, FCAW, laser, laser hybrid, plasma and others to weld duplex pipes, etc.

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duplex pipe material vs 316 price

The price of duplex stainless steel pipe and 316 steel pipe depends on how the alloy is resistant to corrosion. Though 316 has the best corrosion resistance in the 300 steel family, it is less the corrosion resistance of duplex stainless steel pipe in applications with more chlorine.
Also, the corrosive pitting of duplex pipes is far better than 316 steel pipes

Hence the price of the duplex welded pipe is more than most of the 300 steel family pipes because of its better properties and use. The average cost of a duplex welded pipe is from 400 to 500 rupees per kg, whereas that of 316 is less than it for most of its grades.

Various types of Duplex pipe

Duplex seamless pipe

Duplex seamless pipe

Duplex stainless steel pipe

Duplex stainless steel pipe

Duplex steel pipes

Duplex steel pipes

Duplex stainless steel seamless pipe

Duplex stainless steel seamless pipe

Duplex welded pipe

Duplex welded pipe

Duplex piping

Duplex piping

In Dubai, there are a lot of manufacturer & traders of duplex pipe material who provide a cut-to-length service. Final preparation as per international standards; see ASTM specification

What is duplex steel pipes ASTM specification?

With many steel types and hundreds of grades, only the ASTM or American Society for Testing Material specifications helps to categorize duplex pipes. ASTM A789 and A790 are the standard specifications of ASTM for various wall thicknesses, corrosion resistance sizes, shapes, etc., of pipes made from Duplex stainless steel.

Many duplex steel piping systems have more ASTM specifications to categorize their carbon and others. The ASTM A 450 A 450 M specifications are for general requirements of ferritic alloy, carbon and austenitic steel pipes.

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What is the roughness of ss duplex pipe?

Duplex stainless steel seamless pipe surface roughness plays a pivotal part in long-term performance. It is a measure of the variance of duplex seamless pipe surface topology. The roughness of duplex stainless steel pipe affects its aesthetics, wear resistance, crack irritation, fatigue life and others.

The outside roughness of seamless duplex pipe is RA 20 defect level max 50 μm and inside surface roughness to max 20 μm. Ra’s roughness specification measures the duplex SS pipe surfaces’ mean height to its average absolute mediation to calculate the correct measurement for Ra.