Duplex steel circles

Duplex steel circles

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Raw material requirements for industrial applications can rapidly snowball and inflate the budget. Careful consideration and acquiring cost-effective materials – without affecting quality – are pivotal to managing costs. Duplex steel circles are coveted components for their strength and corrosion resistance. However, distributors and stockists often charge extravagant rates to meet client timelines. Pipingmaterial.ae resolves this problem by connecting buyers with verified and cost-effective vendors.

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What if the supplier doesn’t provide a Duplex steel blank plate as per commitment or in the promised delivery schedule?

These products combine the best aspects of two worlds: austenitic and ferritic stainless steels. A duplex steel blank plate offers enviable strength, ductility, durability, and corrosion resistance. However, a frequent problem many industries face is delays in supply or the delivery of poor material. Usually, these challenges emanate from unreliable providers who fail to undertake quality testing or meet commitments.

The best solution for this scenario is to ask the vendor to repair and re-deliver the item. Rejected items must go back to the distribution centre. You can seek an alternate supplier on pipingmaterial.ae – a vendor that can supply compliant DSS blanks within the timeframe. A safe approach is to request an MTC (Mill Test Certificate) with the delivery to avoid this problem in the future.

Duplex round plate and circles high strength and have good weldability and formability

Strength, weldability & formability of Duplex round plate and circles

A stand-out property of these components is their superb strength and tolerance for corrosion and stress-induced cracking. DSS rings are easy to weld to other materials like austenitic stainless steel. The usual approach uses nickel-based fillers. The only consideration is that welding with hydrogen can cause brittleness and is best avoided.

Duplex material shows admirable strength – much better than many other grades of stainless steel. It is open to cold and hot forming and treatments like annealing (1020 to 1100 degrees Celsius). Full-solution annealing followed by quenching is ideal for an optimal metallurgical profile.

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Standard sizes, thicknesses, and prices of duplex stainless steel sheet blanks

These products get governed by the ASTM A240 standard. The typical thicknesses of duplex stainless steel sheet blanks are 1mm to 100mm, and the diameter can range upto 2000 mm. However, contemporary manufacturers can produce customised products to meet client needs.

The prices of duplex stainless steel disc blanks differ considerably based on the dimensions, heat treatments, and delivery timelines. However, an approximate ballpark figure is Rs 440 to 500 per kilogram for thicknesses of 1mm to 2mm. Since it is an expensive material, acquiring it from a competitive and trustable provider is even more crucial.

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7 common reasons to use duplex steel blank plate and a circle ring

From boilers and valves to heat exchangers and gas exploration equipment – these components have a knack for managing heat-based applications and extreme temperatures. Besides, they have impressive chemical and metallurgical properties that make them ubiquitous in diverse industrial sectors.

  • Excellent tensile strength (ductility is lower than austenitic grades, which also reduces the required elongation)
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Easily weldable
  • Supports cold- and hot-forming and heat treatments to obtain the hardness and or strength
  • Delivers good performance
  • Long service life
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
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Properties, suitable temperature range, & yield strength of a duplex circle ring and a forged circle

Forged components are sturdy and reliable. They tend to be long-lasting compared to cast or machined versions. A duplex steel forged circle shows structural precision because of the pressure-based production process that alters the granular structure. It resists cracking from heat, corrosion, or chloride exposure.

A substantial benefit of this material is its wide temperature range. The acceptable maximum is 250°C. The lower limit is -40 °C. Brittleness might seep in beyond this range. A duplex circle ring is also well-loved for its superb tensile strength of 620 MPa. It showcases excellent strength and resistance to fatigue or failure with time.