E470 hollow bar

E470 Hollow Bar

What is e470 hollow bar?

A hollow bar is a metal bar made like seamless tubes but with more wall thickness. It is to enable the machining of various finished components. Hollow bars find use in many applications in different sectors because of being cost-effectiveness with reduced metal use. E470 is a micro-alloyed steel with low carbon, vanadium, manganese, and other elements.

In E470 hollow bar, “E” signifies the tubular format and has high strength and excellent machinability. Grade E470 bars manufactured as per the EN specification are with high tensile and yield strength. Carbon Hollow Bar (CHB) finds use in nuclear power plants, oil, & gas, and many other industrial applications.

E470 hollow bar equivalent, dimensions, and specification

E470 Hollow Bar Specification

E470 Hollow Bar Properties

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What is the difference between an E470 carbon steel hollow bar and a tube?

E470 carbon steel hollow bars and E470 seamless tubes have the same production method of extruding from the forged bar for cutting into preferred shapes. But there is a limitation of machining pipes to the ends for forming connectors and couplings. But hollow bar machining is possible for different finished components as it has thicker walls.

The other significant difference between the hollow bar is that it is only round in shape, whereas the tube can be in many forms like square, rectangle, etc. Also, with no center per the name “hollow,” there are more savings for hollow bars than tubes.

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How is the e470 iso 2938 hollow bar made?

E470 ISO 2938 hollow bar production is similar to seamless tubes using extrusion methods. Though it is a bar of metal or alloy made with a central bore running throughout its entire length, it is vital. It has a high tensile strength of 500 to 650 MPa and yield power of 430 to 470 MPa, which varies as per the wall thickness.

The making of the hollow bar, though similar to seamless tubes, has more wall thickness because of allowing the machining of various finished components. Hence it has more wall thickness than tubes to be useful in many applications. Also, because of carburizing, it will increase its surface hardness like high carbon steel tubes.

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How much does taking EN 102941-1 2005 e470 carbon hollow bar cost?

EN102941-1 2005 E470 Carbon Hollow Bar (CHB) though low in cost, has excellent properties to be useful in many critical applications like nuclear reactors. With 0.022% carbon and manganese content, these hollow bars are easy to form and shape.

The costs depend on the thickness, shapes, and lengths of the hollow bars made from E470 low-carbon steel. The average price for a one to two inches bar for construction is around 85 rupees per kilo in India. Though available at such low costs, it finds use in many applications like petrochemicals and others for their high tensile and yield strength.

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Advantages and disadvantages of bs6258 e470 carbon hollow bar

BS6258 E470 Carbon Hollow Bar, made from high-quality E470 low alloy steel, has many advantages and disadvantages. The significant advantage is the cost-effective hollow bars with high strength for many applications because of their wall thickness more than the pipe and power similar to solid bars.

BS6258 hollow bars with low carbon, manganese, and vanadium has high machinability and weldability. Hence it is helpful in many sectors apart from construction. The most significant disadvantage is the less surface hardness. But it is possible to increase it using carburizing or nitriding.

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Price comparison of grade e470 hollow bars in India and China

Grade E470 hollow bars in India and China have slight price differences. Though in China, the price is less because of more quantity, Indian-made bars have high quality. Also, with foreign exchange considerations, buying them in India is cost-effective.

The FOB or free-on-board price of hollow bars from China includes the value of the goods at base price, transport and distribution services to the frontier, plus the taxes. Hence the price comparison of bars made from grade E470 low carbon steel is less in India and China but with high quality available from many top suppliers in India.