Eccentric Reducer

Eccentric Reducer

What is eccentric reducer?

The fittings connect pipes of different diameters, in processes where the flow of media from up is larger than its lower side.

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How to find center of stainless steel eccentric reducer?

An eccentric reducer has 2 different sized circumferences. Measure the diameter of both openings, and construct a circle on a flat sheet of paper. Mark the diameter of the larger circle across 2 different places, such that they appear perpendicular to each other. The next step is to measure and construct a smaller circle. On the sheet, plot the diameter of the smaller circle. To draw the smaller circle, place the reducer on the paper such that both arcs of the circles overlap. Whilst the reducer is on the sheet, check its perpendicularity to the sheet by keeping a right-angled scale against its wall. Draw a straight line from the diameter using the scale. This is the centre line of an ASME B16.9 Eccentric Reducer.

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What is the position of carbon steel eccentric reducer are used in pipe lines?

Unlike concentric reducers, an eccentric reducer fitting is laid out horizontally, unless specified for an application.

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Where is ECC reducer used?

These fittings are used in centrifugal process pumps with a horizontal layout. They are common in the cement industry for pre-cooling and surface cooling of mass concrete. An Ecc Reducer also has uses in the oil and gas industry as well as food safety management.

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What is the purpose of eccentric buttweld reducer?

In applications where cavitation is likely to occur, it is preferred to use an eccentric reducer. When a Ductile Iron Eccentric Reducer is used at the base of a suction side of pumps, the possibility of the accumulation of air is reduced to a great extent. The reducer is also used in applications that are prone to the accumulation of vapour.

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How to install aluminum eccentric reducer?

Ideally, the installation of an eccentric reducer is for a flow that is set horizontally against the pump. It is important to follow this recommendation to prevent the formation or gathering of an air bubble towards the upstream end of the fitting. In an application where the source of the flow is above the pump, the fitting is to be installed with its flat side down. However, if the source of the flow is located beneath the pump, then the installation of the fitting has to be with its flat side up.

Surface area of cast iron no hub eccentric reducer?

Since an eccentric reducer has 2 different-sized circumferences, one needs to calculate the radii of both openings. Label the radius smaller opening as Ra and the larger opening as Rb. To calculate the surface area of the reducer, use the following formula –

  • π(Ra+Rb ) x slant height