EEMUA 234 pipes

EEMUA 234 pipes

What is eemua 234 pipes ?

EEMUA 234 can be described as a marine grade specification, which has elements like copper, nickel, iron, zinc, sulfur, phosphorus, etc., in its chemical composition. The EEMUA 234 pipes have great corrosion resistance properties and high heat tolerance. The EEMUA 234 UNS 7060X Copper Nickel Seamless Pipes also have high machinability and much higher strength compared to the other pipes. They have great anti-fouling properties and thus, the 90-10 cuni to EEMUA 234 material is used in industries like petrochemical, natural gas, etc. The EEMUA 234 seam welded copper nickel pipe also possesses good strength and it shows good performance across several harsh environments.

They show good creep resistance at elevated temperature conditions. These pipes are produced with both seamless and welded specifications. They can be manufactured with the help of an extrusion process, wherein hot steel billets are passed through the metal so as to shape them. The pipes have enhanced strength and come with excellent load-bearing capacity. They can be used in low temperature and pressure conditions. Their tensile strength lies between 303 to 414 MPa, and yield strength between 110 to 390 MPa.

EEMUA 234 pipe dimensions, and specification

EEMUA 234 Pipes Specification

EEMUA 234 Pipes Properties

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What are EEMUA 234 standard ?

The EEMUA 234 Standard covers seamless and welded tubes which are used in cooling, fire-fighting, and seawater services of various offshore platforms. It comes with a stable chemical composition with great ability to resist corrosion. The pipes manufactured under this standard are used for offshore and associated piping installations based on ASME B31.3. They show good resistance against seawater corrosion and it can also have anti-fouling properties against the seawater microorganisms.

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What are types of eemua 234 uns c70600 pipe ?

The types of EEMUA 234 uns c70600 pipe are seamless under 419 mm (including), and welded over 419 mm.

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What is annealing temperature of eemua 234 tubes ?

The annealing temperature of EEMUA 234 Tubes range between 600-815 degrees C.

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Where eemua 234 uns 7060x pipes used?

The EEMUA 234 uns c7060x pipes are used in industries like petrochemical, natural gas, and also various marine applications. These pipes are known for their high strength and thus, they work well under a wide range of harsh environments.

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What are material properties of eemua 234 seamless copper nickel pipe ?

The material properties of EEMUA 234 seamless copper nickel pipe would include:

  • Good corrosion resistance
  • High heat tolerance
  • High strength
  • Good machinability
  • Anti-fouling
  • Good performance across various harsh environments