Elastomers Gasket

Elastomers Gasket

One of the most suitable products that ensures material base is elastomers gasket. This is because they are made of rubber materials that are synthetic. The most common materials that are used for making conductive elastomer gasket are listed below:

  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • FKM (vitron)
  • SBR (red rubber)

With the material types as mentioned, you would get silicone elastomer gasket within 1/8″-1/16″ dimensional aspects.

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Specification of Elastomers gasket

Elastomers gasket sizes Elastomers gasket thickness Elastomer rubber gasket applications
  • 2 inch – 64 inch
  • 1mm to 12mm

Please contact below listed elastomeric gasket suppliers in UAE to know the availability of thickness and sizes

  • Dairy
  • Sanitary pipe lines
  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Power generations
  • Biotech
  • Brewing
  • Oil & Gas companies
  • Food processing
Elastomer rubber gasket Material Manufacturing Standard Elastomer head gasket face
  • EPDM – Black
  • PTFE (Teflon) – White
  • FKM Fluoroelastomer – Black
  • Buna N (Nitrile) – white
  • Platinum Silicone
  • Viton
  • BS10 (British/ Australian)
  • JIS (Japanese)
  • PN/DIN (European)
  • KS (Korean)
  • Full-Face
  • IBC
Maximum temperature List of projects where listed below silicone elastomer gasket Manufacturers has supplied Features
  • 50 °C
  • Boryeong LNG Terminal – South Korea
  • Pyeongtaek LNG Terminal – South Korea
  • Chita Joint LNG Terminal – Japan
  • Taichung LNG Terminal – Taiwan
  • Good tear strength
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
Hardness range (Shore A) Density Properties
  • 40-90
  • 0.86
  • Tear strength: Good
  • Compression set resistance: Good
  • Oxidation resistance: Excellent

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Check elastomer head gasket thickness calculation, directly sourcing an elastomer urinal gasket from an importer in the Sharjah can save costs by 20% to 30%
Know more about elastomer flat metal gaskets advantages as per ASME b16.21

Worried on the confidentiality part being associated? It is sure that the product is completely under compliance with FDA certifications. One can see wide use case on using elastomer rubber gasket. This is because, they are known to share many other best qualities, without any negative aspects being delivered.

Not only this, good sealing properties are delivered, where it provides a tight air seal under high pressure conditions. They even retain their shape in such cases.

One must be very clear on the working conditions of elastomer head gasket. Wondering why? This is because it is not recommended an ideal use case in environments where, oxygen or UV radiations are present. Adding to this, elastomer urinal gasket tends to lose their properties, when dealt with inappropriate handling or conditions storage which are weak.

For ensuring confidentiality, elastomer flat metal gaskets are manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.21 material standards. This standard covers for the function and behaviour, and on how joints are sealed in the pipes that are plastic. This is done in low and high pressure conditions. This is called as a push-on joints, where one does not require external or internal pressure is needed, to affect the seal.