EN 10025 s355jo pipe

EN 10025 s355jo pipe

What is en 10025 s355jo pipe ?

EN 10025 S355JO is a specification for structural grade steel that comes with a min yield strength of 355 Mpa. The EN 10025 S355JO Pipe comes with high tensile strength and yield strength and is available with various treatments and testings to ensure that it can be used for different types of applications. The EN 10025-2 Grade S355J0 Pipe is mostly used in structural applications and it is readily weldable too. The EN10025-2 S355J0 LSAW pipe can be found in excavators, railway wagons, power plants, port equipment, and so on.

The alloy is preferably used in various sectors as it can be readily surface treated and the tests on them are conducted by using some of the most calibrated and latest technologies. The standard takes into account impact testing at different temperatures. It comes with good cold forming properties and the fully killed high strength structural steel material do not have any porosity. The performance, longevity, and high tensile strength makes investing in these pipes totally worth it.

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EN 10025 S355jo equivalent, properties, and specification

EN 10025 S355jo Pipe Specification

EN 10025 S355jo Pipe properties

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What is en 10025 ?

EN 10025 is the European standard for hot rolled products of structural steel. This is a low carbon non alloy structural steel that has manganese in its chemical composition. The material is generally supplied in normalized or untreated condition. They might have lower strength but offers great machinability.

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What are condition of bs en 10025-2 s355j0 pipe ?

The bs en 10025-2 s355j0 steel is a fine grained steel that are used in dynamic loaded steel for various structural engineering purposes. They show higher yield strength and mineral wear resistance. They are not intended for heat treatment but the process of stress relieving annealing is allowed. They are available in various delivery conditions such as +N, +AR, and +M.

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What is absolute roughness of structural steel s355j0 pipe ?

The absolute roughness of structural steel S355J0 Pipe helps to measure the irregularities in the commercial pipe wall.

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Where s355jo seamless pipe suitable ?

The S355JO Seamless Pipe is suitable for a wide range of industries, including hydrocarbon industry, drilling industry, oil and gas exploration industry, etc.

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What are surface finish of s355jo structural steel seamless pipes ?

Different types of surface finishes can be applied on S355JO Structural Steel Seamless Pipes like PE coating, zinc coating, anti-rust oil, etc.