EN 10083-2 pipe

EN 10083-2 Pipe

What is en 10083-2 pipe ?

EN 10255 is a specification for non-alloy tubes made of steel and they are appropriate for welding and threads. The EN 10083-2 Pipe is primarily used for petroleum and fluid transportation. Different types of series like light, medium, and heavy are available for C35 Steel Pipe. Different types of surface coatings can be applied on EN 10083-2 GRADE C45 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes to enhance its appearance and corrosion resisting abilities. The EN 10083 C45 Steel Pipe can be used for various applications, like fire fighting, gas line, HVAC lines, etc.

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EN 10083-2 Pipe specification and properties

EN 10083-2 Pipe Specification

EN 10083-2 Pipe Properties

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What are various grades of en 10083 welded pipe ?

EN 10083 welded pipes are available in different grades, like:

  • C551
  • C601
  • 34CrMo4
  • 42CrMo4
  • 50CrMo4
  • C22E1
  • C251
  • C301
  • C351
  • C401
  • C451
  • C501
  • C67S
  • C75S
  • 51CrV42
  • 58CrV43

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En 10083 c40 vs c22e

The EN 10083 C40 Pipe is made of a common medium carbon and tensile steel that comes with improved strength over mild steel. This is achieved through hardening medium carbon steel. On the other hand, EN 10083 C22E has high carbon and alloy steel which is characterized by increased hardness, post a heat treatment.

Here, custom lengths and diameters of carbon steel EN 10083-2 c22e seamless pipe are available, see which property makes it suitable to use in machinery parts.

Which property make en 10083 c40 pipe suitable to use in machinery parts ?

The EN 10083-2 Grade C40 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe is suitable to use in machinery parts because of its superior mechanical properties, like high strength, heat resistance, etc.

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En 10083-2 c45e vs c35

EN 10083-2 C45E Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe material is a medium carbon steel that possesses high strength and toughness. It has moderate hardenability and thus, is appropriate for applications that require wear resistance.
C35 material is suitable for applications that require a slightly higher strength and low ductility. It is mostly found in engine and machine engineering, vehicle manufacturing, etc.

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What are c40 en 10083 equivalent ?

There are many c40 en 10083 equivalent like DIN 1.0511, AISI 1040, JIS S40C, UNS G10400, and many more.