EN 10269 fasteners

EN 10269 Fasteners

What are EN 10269 fasteners?

The EN 10269 fastener is a semi-finished fastener that works in low and high temperature conditions. These EN 10269 Fasteners help connect different equipment efficiently. These fasteners bolster good corrosion resistance and tolerances. They are available in the form of bolt, studs, nuts, washers, etc. The NF EN 10269 Heavy Hex Bolt imply to delivery conditions of EN 10021 in European standards. These bolts have a higher head type and can be easily dismantled. C45E EN 10269 Flat Washers allow for even weight and pressure distribution. These washers protect the material against damage and stress in harsh conditions.

EN 10269 Fasteners Specifications

EN 10269 Fasteners Chemical Composition

EN 10269 Fasteners Weight Chart

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What is EN 10269 material?

The EN 10269 material covers standard stainless and heat resisting steel grades. An EN 10269 Material has a selection of low alloys and some nickel alloy fasteners. This material can work in sub-zero and elevated temperature conditions. They work well for fasteners to work in pressure purpose systems.

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What are EN 10269 bolts used for?

The EN 10269 bolts are used to connect different bolting equipment. EN 10269 Bolt are used in chemical apparatus, the textile sector, pharmaceutical industry, and sewage plants. The versatile 1.4980 EN 10269 Hex Head Bolt are also approved for pressure vessel construction at 400 degrees C.

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How to calculate EN 10269 hex bolts weight?

The EN 10269 hex bolt’s weight determines its load and stress on the fastener. These EN 10269 Hex Bolts weight is calculated into Length x Width x Thickness X Density.

DIN EN 10269 studs, 1.4980 EN 10269 hex head bolts and heavy hex bolts for low temperature application

Application and advantages of BS EN 10269 threaded rod

The BS EN 10269 threaded rod is a fastener designed with a thread across its length. A BS EN 10269 Threaded Rod works well in low and elevated temperature conditions. These rods create good connections with different equipment. These DIN EN 10269 Studs have good corrosion resistance and work in harsh environmental conditions. The versatile grade of Stud Bolt EN 10269 is employed in petrochemical, chemical units, pressure vessel systems, etc.

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What is the yield strength of stud bolt EN 10269?

The EN 10269 stud bolt is based on the temperature rating of the fastener. These SR EN 10269 Stud Bolt have a minimum yield strength of 93ksi that decreases as temperature increases.