En 10294-1 grade 20mnv6+ar hollow bar

EN 10294-1 grade 20mnv6+ar hollow bar

What is en 10294-1 grade 20mnv6+ar hollow bar ?

EN 10294-1 Grade 20MnV6+AR is a specification for high tensile steel grade which has carbon and manganese in its chemical composition. The EN 10294-1 Grade 20MnV6+AR Hollow Bar is supplied in normalized condition. The Carbon Steel Grade 20MnV6+AR Hollow Bars possess good hardness and are very cost-effective. The 20MnV6 Hollow Bar has high durability which makes it an interesting choice across several industries. The EN 10294-1 Gr. 20MnV6+AR Low Carbon Steel Hollow Bars are structurally strong but as they are hollow in the center, they have less weight.

This low cost carbon steel has 16-22% carbon and 13-17% manganese content in its chemical composition. They have high formability and thus can be given any shape. They are not very hard but their surface hardness can be enhanced through processes like carburization. They can withstand high heat and pressure, and thus are capable of giving enhanced performance. They are produced with dimensional accuracy and the dimensions can be customized according to the requirements of the client. They are used in different types of industrial applications, structural applications, food processing equipment, etc.

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What are surface hardening method of 20mnv6+ar seamless tubes ?

The surface hardness of the 20MnV6+AR Seamless Tubes can be enhanced either by nitriding or carburizing procedures.

Make sure to verify the heat treatment of 20mnv6+ar hollow shafts and choose the Middle East stockists offering the lowest prices for 20mnv6+ar seamless tubes

What is heat treatment of 20mnv6+ar hollow shafts?

Heat treatment is not required for the 20MnV6+AR Hollow Shafts which is indicated by +AR sign in the material.

In ANSI SCH 40, 80, or 60 are you trying to attempt importers of nf a49312 20mv6 hollow bar in Dubai? Verify the hardness of the WNR 1.5217 20mv6 ste 460 hollow bar

What is hardness of uns k01907 hollow bars ?

UNS K01907 Hollow Bars come with a hardness of 220 HB.

The GCC countries have a large number of traders who provide a cut-to-length service for carbon steel EN 10294-1 gr 20mnv6+ar hollow bars; check phrase + ar represents what?

Term + ar signifies what ?

+AR in EN 10294-1 Grade 20MnV6+AR Carbon Steel Seamless Hollow Bars signifies that there is no requirement for heat treatment.

Before making a purchase, compare the prices of 20mnv6+ar hollow pipe from two or more reliable distributors. Examine the cost differences between Germany and India.

Nf a49312 20mv6 hollow bar price comparison between india and germany

The exact price would depend with manufacturers- the quality of the product, customization, logistics, and several other factors affect the cost of NF A49312 20MV6 Hollow Bar.