EN 10294-1 hollow bars

EN 10294-1 Hollow Bars

For excellent machinability characteristics, industrial standards employ BS EN 10294-1 hollow bars. This is because exceptional properties of corrosion and other machinability characteristics are exhibited. Adding to this, it has excellent surface quality; which is also assured by inspections of internal non-destruction.

Verified Supplier

Verified Suppliers

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In UAE, you may find reasonably priced suppliers of en 10294-1 grade e355+n alloy steel seamless tubes. Check what the letter +n in the en gr e355+n implies.

There are various suppliers out there, assuring top notch quality at cost effective alternatives for EN 10294-1 grade E355+n alloy steel seamless tubes. But it is highly recommended to approach listed suppliers at pipingmaterial.ae; where excellent quality assurance with cost affording conditions are placed for customers. This is done only on the basis of standards set by them. This is the only reason why they are leading EN 10294-1 hollow bars suppliers in UAE. On the other hand, they also equip to provide customers detailed information too. They reflect customers on what does +n in E355+N mean. It reflects for the normalized condition of the material, after the operation of final cold drawing.

EN 10294-1 Hollow Bars Specification

EN 10294-1 Hollow Bars Specification

EN 10294-1 hollow bars Size range Wall Thickness Length
  • Outer Diameter: 30-250mm
  • Inner Diameter: 20-200mm
10-65 (mm) 3000-12000 (mm)
Material Packing Standard
Low carbon & alloy steel
  • Bundles
  • Wodden box
  • Pasltic bag
  • Wrapped with polypropylene sheets
EN 10294-1
Case Hardening Mechanical Properties Characteristics
Water quench from 760 ℃ – 780 ℃
  • Tensile Strength = 490 (MPa min)
  • Elongation A5 min = 20%
  • Improved machinability
  • High heat resistant
  • High surface quality
  • Tight dimensional tolerances
Testing Requirements Surface Manufacturing Method
  • Heat analysis
  • Tensile test
  • Impact test
  • Visual and Dimensional control
  • Electromagnetic test
  • Bright
  • Hot rolled pickled
  • Sand blasting finished
  • Polished
  • Hot rolled
  • Cold drawn
  • Forged
Conditions Finish Industrial Applications
  • Hardened and tempered
  • Annealed
  • Precipitation hardened
  • Smooth turned
  • Cold finished
  • Centreless ground
  • Polished
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Petroleum
  • Petrochemical
Value Added Services Types Of EN 10294-1 Hollow Bars Test Certificate
  • Mechanical rough machining
  • Blanking
  • Carburizing
  • Tempering
  • Mechanical finishing
  • Annealing
  • Polishing & grinding
  • Forging mold blank
  • Cold extrusion molding
  • Recrystallization annealing
  • EN 10294-1 grade e355+n alloy steel seamless tubes
  • Grade e355+n alloy steel hollow bars
  • EN 10294-1 carbon steel hollow bars
  • EN 10294-1 grade e355+n hollow bar
  • EN 10294-1 carbon steel seamless hollow bars
  • BS EN 10294-1 hollow bars
  • EN 10294-1 alloy hollow bar
  • Manufacturer test certificate
  • Laboratory test report from government certified Lab
  • Third party inspection
  • MTC EN 1024 3.1/3.2

Find the best stockists in the Middle East who provide cut-to-size grade e355+n alloy steel hollow bars that meet international requirements. determine the corrosion resistance of en 10294-1 pipe.

Because it comprises molybdenum and nickel in their chemical mixture, when put for use case, EN 10294-1 pipe excellent corrosion resistance. This also makes then suitable for high strength applications. But where ductility is concerned, it is not high and hence it is not recommended for it.

Speak with several truthful importers of en 10294-1 carbon steel hollow bars in Dubai and determine the wall thickness of en 10294-1 grade e355+n hollow bar

Wide dimensions for EN 10294-1 carbon steel hollow bar provides wider options even for the customers to suffice many standards. Ideally, you would get the wall thickness range of this material between 2-100mm. Make sure that these dimensions comply with their materials standards too, for achieving product genuineness at your end.

Are you trying to find a trader of en 10294-1 carbon steel seamless hollow bars? You’ve arrived at the appropriate website. Learn about bs en10294-1 alloy hollow bar delivery condition

Delivery locations directly depend on the material standards and customer’s needs and expectations. It also depends on the time duration too. Other than this, it also offers simplistic nature for their ideal use case. So, keep a check on the standards that you set and from where you want the product. Also, request for reasonable and accurate pricing accordingly.

Find a certified distributor of bs en 10294-1 hollow bars in all popular and accepted sizes, and consider why this material is appropriate for machining.

As per standards EN 10294-1, machining characteristics and dimensional aspects makes BS EN 10294-1 hollow bars for machining very unique. Wondering why? This is because it is available in varied sizes, offering simplistic characteristics. Other than this, it has black or clear lacquer, oiled and bare protections equipped. Adding to this, BS EN10294-1 alloy hollow bar are also supplied with 3.1 inspection certification standards, which also comply with EN 10294-1

E355+n alloy steel hollow bars chemical composition and mechanical properties

EN 10294-1 Hollow Bars Properties