En 10297-1 grade e355 seamless tubes

En 10297-1 grade E355 seamless tubes

What is en 10297-1 grade e355 carbon steel seamless tubes ?

EN 10297-1 Grade E355 is a specification for carbon steel products that has a combination of carbon and manganese in its chemical composition. This makes it easy for the EN 10297-1 Grade E355 Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes material to form or shape. As the bs en 10297 tubes have low carbon, hence they are not as hard as the high carbon steel. But the surface hardness of the EN 10297-1 E355 Steel Tubes can be increased through the carburizing process. The EN 10297-1 Gr E355 Tubes are used in various general and mechanical engineering applications.

These are mild carbon steel tubes which are low in cost, which have a max 0.22% carbon content with a combination of 16% manganese. They are easy to form and shape. They are used for general engineering purposes and they show min tensile strength of 490 MPa. They are given the desired strength and surface finishes according to the required specification of the client. They have enhanced flexibility and forming capacity. These tubes are supplied in normalized, normalized rolled, and hot finished conditions.

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En 10297-1 Grade E355 Seamless Tubes Specification

En 10297-1 Grade E355 Seamless Tubes Specification

En 10297-1 Grade E355 Seamless Tubes Properties

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Why e355 steel tubes suitable for general engineering applications ?

The mechanical properties of the E355 Steel Tubes make it ideal for various general engineering applications. For example, it has min tensile strength of 490 MPa, and can be easily elongated by 21%. Even though it does not have high hardness, its surface hardness can be increased through the carburization process. They come with enhanced flexibility and have great forming capacity. This is why they are used in both general engineering and mechanical applications.

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What is heat treatment of en 10297 tube?

The EN 10297 Tube is heat treated for giving it the desired strength and optimum surface finish. These tubes can be easily customized for various stress-induced environments. They can be given micro oxidation and non-oxidation thermal treatments in the furnace. The furnace temperature should not go beyond the mandatory heat treatment temperature, which is 5 degrees C. It helps the tube to have a smooth surface and give a stable performance.

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What are end of tubo en 10297-1 ?

The tubo en 10297-1 is available with square and rounded ends.

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How bs en 10297-1 grade e355 tube surface defects should remove ?

The surface defects of the bs en 10297-1 grade e355 tube can be removed by grinding or machining.

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En 10297-1 seamless tubes price comparison between India and USA

The price of EN 10297-1 Seamless Tubes are less in India compared to the USA, but the exact price would depend on various factors, like material quality, customization offered, logistics, delivery location, etc.