EN 10305-1 grade e355 seamless tubes

en 10305-1 grade e355 seamless tubes

What is en 10305-1 grade e355 carbon steel seamless tube?

EN 10305-1 Grade E355 is a specification for technical delivery conditions which are for seamless circular tubes. The EN 10305-1 Grade E355 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes are made of alloy and non-alloy steel for various general and mechanical engineering applications. The EN 10305-1 E355 Carbon Steel Pipes come with a specified surface roughness and dimensional tolerance. The length, dimensions, and surface finish of the BS EN 10305-3 Steel Tubes can be customized according to the specific application requirements. This is a mild steel pipe and tubes which are low in cost. They have high formability and can be given various shapes according to application requirements. They can be used for various engineering and construction purposes. They are available in different dimensions which are easily customizable. These seamless pipes are available with different surface finishes like annealed, polished, pickled and bright annealed.

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EN 10305-1 E355 dimensions, and specification

EN 10305-1 Grade E355 Seamless Tubes Specification

EN 10305-1 Grade E355 Seamless Tubes Properties

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What is en 10305-1 ?

EN 10305-1 is a specification for seamless cold drawn tubes, which are used for hydraulic and pneumatic power systems. This standard covers precision tubes and includes the delivery condition of six different parts. The manufacturing process adheres to the standard and keeps a tight tolerance. They show good mechanical properties and the cold forming process improves the surface of the material, making it smoother.

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What is surface roughness of steel tube en 10305-1 ?

There is a specified surface roughness and defined dimensional tolerance of steel tube en 10305-1.

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What is standard specification of En 10305-1 steel tubes ?

The En 10305-1 Steel Tubes is under European Standard Specification which specifies the technical delivery conditions for seamless cold drawn pipes of the circular cross section. The seamless tubes have lower dimensions going up to 101.6mm whereas the diameter of the welded tubes range between 6.35mm to 152mm. Their wall thickness can range between 0.5mm to 20mm. They are also available in different schedules from sch5 to XXS. Their lengths can be customized according to the application requirements.

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What are delivery condition of en 10305-1 tube ?

The delivery condition of BS EN 10305-3 Steel Tubes are as follows:

  • Cold finished/ hard
  • Cold finished/ soft
  • Annealed
  • Normalized
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Bs en 10305-1 precision steel tubes price comparison between India and Germany

The price of BS EN 10305-1 Precision Steel Tubes depends on various factors like the material quality, customization specifications, logistics, place of delivery, etc.