EN 14399-5 washer

EN 14399-5 Washer

What are EN 14399-5 washer?

EN 14399-5 is a European structural bolting assembly that covers dimensions and general requirements for plain washers. An EN 14399-5 Washer allows for even weight and pressure distribution and protects equipment from damage or failure. The DIN EN 14399 5 Plain Washer should be applied under the nut for normal nuts. They are not intended for use with slotted or oversized holes. An EN 14399-5 Spring Washer bolsters superior strength allowing the creation of strong assemblies. They help lock the equipment efficiently and protect the surface. The EN 14399-5 Lock Washers are resistant to vibrations and tension. They are available in different sizes and shapes.

EN 14399-5 Washer Specifications

EN 14399-5 Washer Dimensions

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What size is a BS EN 14399-5 plain washers ?

The BS EN 14399-5 plain washer is the most common washer that has a good locking function. These BS EN 14399-5 Plain Washers are designed with standard sizes of M12 to M36 metric sizes. They are available in different sizes to suit project requirements.

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What is the tensile strength of EN 14399 (-5 washer)?

The tensile strength is the resistance of the material from breaking under tension. An EN 14399 (-5 Washer) is designed with a minimum tensile strength of 1040mpa.

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What is the torque on DIN EN 14399-5 flat washers?

The torque of DIN EN 1439905 flat washer torque requirement is based on the size and material requirement of the grade. These DIN EN 14399-5 Flat Washers torque specification varies between 11.7 to 2774 lb-ft.

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How do you calculate the shear strength of an EN 14399-5 fender washers?

The shear strength of EN 14399-5 or other washers is generally not specified by most manufacturers. EN 14399-5 Fender Washer’s shear strength can be calculated based on 60% of its tensile strength.

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Does UNE-EN 14399-5 square washers rust?

The UNE-EN 14399-5 square washers are designed with different alloying elements. These UNE-EN 14399-5 Square Washers have good resistance to corrosive and toxic affluents in different temperatures. If they are subjected to higher stress induced and corrosive environments, they may corrode under stress and tension.