EN 15048 bolts

EN 15048 Bolts

What is EN 15048 bolts?

The EN 15048 bolt is a threaded fastener designed with an external male thread and matching female thread. EN 15048 Bolts is a non-preloaded structural bolting assembly. These bolts are regulated by two standards. Part 1 of the Structural Bolt EN 15048 defines the general requirement, and part 2 defines the suitability test. Manufacturers who are manufacturing the EN ISO 15048 Flange Bolts have to guarantee all the structural bolts suit the set requirements. Surface treatment of the PN-EN 15048-1 Anchor Bolts should also be done under these specifications.

EN 15048 Bolts Specifications

EN 15048 Bolt Dimensions

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What size is an EN 15048-1 hex bolts?

The EN 15048-1 hex bolt is designed in standard sizes of M2 to M100 with diameters between M3 to M60. EN 15048-1 Hex Bolts are available in lengths between 6mm to 500mm.

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What is the purpose of EN 15048-2 heavy hex bolts?

The EN 15048-2 heavy hex bolt is primarily designed to operate in a variety of temperatures and application requiring high strength. EN 15048-2 Heavy Hex Bolts have better toque properties with a thicker header, giving them a greater load-bearing capacity.

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What is the proper procedure in DIN EN 15048 hex cap screws installation?

The DIN EN 15048 hex cap screws have greater torque than traditional screws. DIN 15048 Hex Cap Screws can be easily installed or dismantled with a ratchet and socket or a combination of both.

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How do you determine torque for tightening UNI EN 15048-1 socket head cap screws?

The torque is an important feature to check the locking potential of a screw. A UNI EN 15048-1 Socket Head Cap Screws can be calculated using the formula T= K x D x P.
Here, T= target tighten torque
K= coefficient of friction
D= nominal diameter of screws
P= desired tensile strength of the bolt
It is important to determine the DIN EN 15048-1 Socket Head Bolts torque for optimum tightening.

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What are the benefits of BS EN 15048 square bolts?

The BS EN 15048 bolts are structural bolting assemblies that are fit for structural metal works. BS 15048 Square Bolts are easy to tighten or dismantle. These bolts are ideal for blind and tight locations. The versatile square UNI EN 15048 Eye Bolt allows for a quick gauge and is highly versatile.