EN16 round bar

EN16 Round Bar

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The EN16 engineering steel alloy bar has a round form. Compared to alloy steel grade EN24, EN16 has less Ni and Cr content. EN16 Round Bar is a high-tensile and ductile bar. Other chromium and nickel-chromium high tensile steel standards can be replaced with EN16 alloy steel. This alloy is also used in the production of numerous other steel grades.

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EN16 Bar is more resistant to frictional wear and shear loading. This round bar also has good shock resistance and good mechanical qualities. It was initially created to meet demand in the industry for superior resistance to some substances.

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Locating and characterizing can be done using EN16 bright bar NDT tests

What is precision ground EN16 steel bars?

The tensile strength of EN16 Steel Bar, made of pure medium carbon steel, is comparable to that of mild steel. For various manufacturing tasks requiring high strength, such as creating tubes, studs, bolts, connecting rods, screws, and rollers, EN16 Carbon Steel Round Bar is appropriate.

According to the BS970 specification, EN16 Engineering Steel Alloy is frequently provided as EN16T. Round Bar can be made from EN16 steel, a typical steel grade. Its low carbon content prevents hardening or brittleness and makes it suitable for EN16 Hex Bar.

605M36T rod has a high tensile and yield strength and is very durable to wear and tear conditions

How do you calculate tolerance of EN16 carbon steel round bar?

Calculation of tolerance:

(dia * dia) / 162*12 = 1 TMT rod’s weight.

Dimensional tolerance of goods made of stainless steel.


Tolerance for diameter and other variations is 30%. With flat steel bars, however, a variance will rely on what the buyer and seller have agreed to. If stated in the purchase order, the negative numbers listed above may be divided into positive and negative values to form the entire tolerance range.

High tensile strength and shock resistance are provided by EN16 hex bar and EN 16 material as per 40, 50, and 60 Size (mm)

What are EN16 flat bar uses?

EN16 Flat Bar is adaptable for various tasks because it has a flat surface and a rectangular face. Some of the significant applications of Flat bars are as follows:

  • Building a frame – Flat bars are easy to drill or solder into shape and may be cut to size for construction.EN16 Hexagon Bars are usually utilized for this since they are robust and can support the weight of the construction.
  • Developing support – A fundamental building support material is a 605M36T Rod. These are typical uses of bracing, duct work, overhead doors, heaters, ladder hangers, gate closures, and bracing.
  • Amendments and Improvements – Flat bars can also be used to strengthen already-built structures. EN16 Bright Bars are simple to shape, cut, and replace to fit existing materials or provide support.
  • Works of Industrial Art – Industrial artists and artisans frequently use flat bars for large-scale industrial pieces, most notably statues. Once forged, 605M36 Black Round Steel Bars are solid and easy to form.