EN19 plate

en19 plate

What is en19 plate ?

The en19 plate is a high quality alloy steel grade. An en19 plate is designed with a chemical composition of carbon, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, silicon, sulfur, and phosphorous. This gives the en19 steel plate superior resistance to corrosive affluents and oxidative reducers. These plates have good shock resistance and ductility.

The alloy steel en-19 plate also showcases good fatigue strength with enhanced impact toughness and abrasion resistance. The en19 sheet can be heat treated in different methods to increase its hardness and strength in different conditions. The en 1.7225 plate can be availed in a range of sizes and specifications as per requirements.

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EN19 Plate Specification

EN19 Plate Properties

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Why is the en19 steel plate used mostly for the automotive sector ?

The en 19 steel grade plate has good load carrying capacity and shock resistance. The plates are easy to machine accurately, allowing them to be used across the automotive sector.


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What is annealing, hardening and tempering of 42crmo4 grade plate ?

The 42crmo4 plate can be heat treated following annealing, hardening, and tempering procedures. The 42crmo4 grade plate is annealed at temperatures of 827 degrees c which helps make the material ductile.

The hardening of the plate takes place between 820 to 880 degrees, followed by oil or water quenching. This allows the en19 grade steel plate to be hardened. The tempering process reduces the brittleness of the metals as they are heated at temperatures between 540 to 680 degrees c. The en19 alloy steel plate is than cooled in air.


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What is toughness of en19 grade steel plate ?

The en19 grade has high fatigue strength and good toughness in harsh environments.


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What are equivalent standards of en19 alloy steel plate ?

The en19 alloy plate equivalent grades are ns 709m40, din 42crmo2, is 40cr4mo3, sae/aisi 4140, and jis scm440c alloys.


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How to check is your manufacturer or supplier is genuine or not ?

Finding a genuine supplier or manufacturer is important to get quality-assured products. The best way to check the authenticity of the manufacturers is to check their reviews or any government certifications. En19 plate suppliers can also be certified based on the test certifications they provide with each product.