EN1A round bar

EN1A Round Bar

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What is EN1A Round Bar?

There is high demand for low carbon steel alloys with manganese for intricate machining and drilling operations. Carbon steel hex and flat bars are suitable to manufacture turned parts, fittings, fasteners, nuts, bolts, studs etc.

ENIA round bar made of EN1A low-carbon steel with manganese is suitable for high production in CNC machines and automatic lathes. Reputed suppliers supply EN-1A Rods with lead content ranging from 0.15 to 0.35% or without lead. It is useful for making hydraulic fittings and precision machined components.

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What are the uses of EN1A Steel Bar?

EN1A Steel Bar uses for repetitive turned components in intricate machining and drilling operations. ENIA bars have improved wear resistance, superior finish, reasonable strength, and elasticity. Hence Carbon Steel En 1a Bar uses include the following, among others.

  • Useful in hydraulic parts, brake hoe, disc brake pistons, pulleys, control linkages, wheel nuts & inserts, and hear box components.
  • Best for concrete anchors, garbage bin axles, vice jaws, padlock shocks, and many others. Used in the production of repetition-turned parts and for producing fittings like studs, bolts, and nuts

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What is the difference between EN1A-led and non-leaded?

EN1A steel is available in lead and non-leaded condition. In the lead condition, it has from 0.15 to 0.35% lead suitable for many applications. It is also available in untreated and cold-finished conditions ideal for various applications.

EN1A Leaded Round Bar with 0.15 to 0.35 lead as per the customers’ requirement increases the machinability. Reputed suppliers supply EN1APB Round Bar with the required lead content per the machinability for specific applications.

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What is material 230M07?

230M07 material is the low-carbon mild steel called EN1A. It has many fantastic properties, like free cutting to be suitable for machining automatic and CNC machines. Also, it is suitable for intricate drilling and other. 230M07 is available in many forms like square, flat, hexagon, round, etc.

Material 230M07 equivalent is AISI 1113, available in leaded and unleaded forms. The leaded form is more machinable than the unleaded form for many applications. It finds use in many manufacturing components that require high production rates and superior surface finish.

Cold-drawn or centerless turned case hardening and electroplating of EN1A square bar

Can you harden EN1A Steel Rounds?

Yes. The case hardening of EN1A Steel Rounds improves their wear resistance, elasticity, and strength. Case-hardened EN1A Mild Steel Rounds are best used in intricate drilling and machining applications. Also, it is best used in precision-turned components because it is case-hardened.

ENIA bright mild steel carbonization occurs at 1652 to 1742 F or 900 to 950 C in a furnace, followed by cooling. Also, the tempering of EN1A should be at 356 – 416 F or 180 to 210 C, followed by cooling in the air. Hardening of EN1A happens at 1436 – 1472 F or 780 to 800 C, followed by quenching in oil or water.

In Dubai, EN1A leaded steel bar are available in flat, round, square, and hexagonal shapes

Can EN1A 230m07 Bar be forged?

EN1A 230m07 Bar forging makes it more ductile and malleable for many applications. Also, forging makes the manganese take on different aspects, like increased hardness and corrosion resistance of the EN1A steel alloy.

The forged ENIA steel bars, rods, and rounds are useful in many applications like brake hose end, hydraulic parts, vice jaws, pulleys, control linkages, disc brake pistons, domestic bin axles, etc. Also, to make control linkages, wheel nuts & inserts, hear box components, concrete anchors, padlock shackles, and others.