EN24 plate

en24 plate

What is en24 plate ?

The en24 is a high strength alloy steel specification that is also known as 4340 grade. The en24 plate is designed with a good composition of chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and other alloys. The versatile alloy steel en24 plate has excellent resistance to corrosive and oxidative reducers. These plates are tolerant to wear and stress in the system. The 4340 sheet is capable of retaining good impact values in low and high temperature conditions.

The robust en24 low alloy steel plate can be supplied in either hardened or tempered conditions. The plates are utilized in automotive, machine tools, gears, and shafts. The en24 flat plates are also seen in cutters, nuts, rivets, bolts, mold supports, spindles, etc.

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EN24 Plate Specification

EN24 Plate Properties

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En24 vs en19

The en24 and en19 are common engineering steel grades. The engineering steel plate en24 has a chemical content of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. The en19, on the contrary, has 1% chromium and molybdenum grade. This allows the 1.6511 plate to be resistant to corrosive equipment. The en19 grade is suitable for highly stressed applications, but the 36crnimo4 plate has better wear and shock resistance. The en24 is far better strength when compared to the en19 grade.


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In en24t what does t stand for ?

The t in the en24t plate is the normally supplied tensile strength of a grade. The en24t plate has a tensile strength between 850 to 1550 n/mm2.


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What is hardness of en24 alloy steel plate ?

The en24 alloy steel plate has a hardness between 248 to 302 hb max.


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What is the allowable shear stress of 817m40 plate ?

The 817m40t has excellent mechanical performance. This 817m40t engineering steel plate has shear stress of a maximum of 80 gpa.