EN32B round bar

EN32B Round Bar

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Engineering steels revolutionized industries in the last one and half centuries to make new machines and products. EN32B Flat Bar became low, mild, to high carbon alloy steels from wrought steels with few percentages of other elements. It increases their strength, hardness, fatigue resistance, elasticity, and other mechanical properties. EN32B is one such carbon-case hardening engineering steel.

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EN32B rods with low tensile strength but easy to weldable and machinable steel are best for making light-stressed components. Hence EN32B round bar made of carbon case hardening steel upon carburization has a strong range of 430 to 490 N/ mm2 along with a hard-wearing surface.

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EN32b round bar specification

EN32b round bar properties

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Carbon Steel EN32B Hex bar is best to make spindles, gears, cams, rollers, bushes, and others. It is because of its low tensile strength of 430 to 490 N/ mm2 as it is a carbon case hardening steel. Also, it is ideal for use in general engineering for producing light-stressed components. Reputed pipe suppliers provide many forms of EN32B steel bars.

Carbon steel EN32B hex bar has a surface that is highly durable with a strong range of 430-490 N/mm2

EN32 is a carbon case hardening steel to become EN 32B steel upon carburization have a core strength between 430 to 490 N/ mm2. Though both are low carbon steel because of the carburization, they have different tensile strengths and hence different uses.

EN-32B Bar, because of carburization, has a hard surface and becomes easy to machine and weld to make many light-stressing components. Hence the differences between EN 32 and EN 32 B are the tensile machinability and weldability. And it is the EN 32B steel round bars that are of more use than the EN 32 bars.

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080M15 Steel Bar is EN 32B steel bar with low tensile strength used for general engineering to produce light-stressed components. EN32 is an unalloyed low-carbon grade steel with excellent machinability and weldability characteristics. Reputed suppliers supply high-quality 080M15 bars with hard-wearing surfaces that are best for many commercial applications. 080M15 bars made components, when carburized, have a tensile strength of 430 to 490 N/ mm2. Hence EN32B Steel Round Bar is best for producing light-stressed components and making gears, cams, rollers, bushes, and spindles.