EN45 round bar

EN45 Round Bar

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Automobiles and many other industries needed spring steels that were also strong to withstand high temperatures. Gas turbines and other high-strength and temperature applications also need steel with creep and oxidation resistance, phase stability, and fatigue life.

En45 Round Bars are made from low carbon-manganese steel alloy in tempered and oil-hardened condition and have excellent spring characteristics. Hence EN45 Shaft with spring characteristics finds application in many industries. EN45 Flat Bar is useful in applications like truncated conical springs, spring plates, and leaf and truncated conical springs.

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EN45 Steel Bar has high silicon of 01 to 0.35% and high carbon of 0.75 to 0.90%. Also, 0.5 to 0.9% manganese is good enough for high strength, temperature, and corrosion resistance applications.

EN 45 steel hexagon bar with lead is easy to machine and with a good surface finish to be useful for applications that require a smooth surface. Though EN 45 steel is hard to weld, heating it to a temperature between 200 to 300 C, followed by annealing, makes it easy to weld. Hence it is available in many forms for use in many applications in several sectors.

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How strong is EN45 steel rod?

EN45 Flat Bar is strong to have high ultimate tensile strength, and others for use in automobile and gas turbine industries. The ultimate tensile strength of Carbon Steel EN 45 Bars is 621 MPa. It has a fatigue strength exponent of – 0.092 b, a fatigue ductility coefficient of 0.26 ef, and an exponent of – 0.445 c.

CS EN 45 Round Bars have a fatigue strength coefficient of 948 MPa and a modulus of elasticity of 204 GPa. EN 45 steel has high silicon and carbon content along with around one percent manganese, Hence it is strong for high strength, temperature, and corrosion resistance applications.

Cutting up to 650mm, the EN 45 spring steel round bar is hardened, tempered, and annealed conditions

Is EN45 spring steel bars?

EN 45 Spring Steel Round Bar exhibits many spring characteristics when oil hardened and tempered. Hence, they find use in applications that require spring qualities, including brakes, clutch, leaf springs, conical springs, etc. Hence EN 45 steel bars are spring steel bars with bouncing-back capabilities that are typical of spring characteristics. Also, heating from 200 to 300 C increases its machinability. It enhances its use in many industries like automobiles, gas turbines, and others.

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Application of EN45 carbon steel hex bar

EN45 Carbon Steel Hex Bar Is best for applications requiring high fatigue life and phase stability. Also, for high temperature, oxidation, and creep resistance applications. EN 45 steel bars with many spring characteristics is best for making many parts in the automobile industry.

Heating EN 45 steel bars to a temperature between 200 to 300 C increases its machinability. Hence it is useful in many applications that need better surface finish in many sectors. It is also, for applications that need spring characteristics like making spring plates, leaf springs, helical springs, truncated conical springs, and others.