EN47 round bar

EN47 Round Bar

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Automobile and other industries need steel that can withstand shock, resist abrasion, and have excellent toughness. Since most mild steel cannot have these qualities, medium carbon steel with manganese, chromium, and vanadium was suitable. Hence EN47, a medium carbon steel with these elements, is useful in applications like crankshafts, gears, pumps, spindles, and steering knuckles.

EN47 round bar made from medium carbon steel has wide use in general engineering applications and the motor vehicle industry. It has carbon between 0.45 to 0.55%, manganese of 0.5 to 0.8%, chromium of 0.8 to 1.2, and vanadium of a minimum of 0.15%. Hence apart from having high tensile strength, it has high fatigue strength useful in many applications in several sectors.

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EN47 round bar specification

EN47 round bar properties

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Is EN47 Spring Steel Bar?

Yes. EN47 Steel Bar is a spring steel bar. It is a carbon-chromium-manganese-vanadium steel with many excellent properties to be useful in automobiles, heat exchangers, and other industries. EN47 bars showcase spring characteristics by oil hardening and tempered condition for use in hydraulic and other applications. Also, having shock resistance coupled with spring characteristics is good for making brakes and others.

EN47 Spring Steel Bar shows good resistance to abrasion and wear because of chromium and vanadium. Hence it is durable as it can withstand shock, stress, and vibration because it has up to 0.8% of manganese. And added to the spring characteristics, EN 47 Spring Steel Round Bar finds use in many applications.

EN47 square bar and EN 47 forged bar NDT testing of certified quality without harm

What is EN47 Heat Treatment Process?

EN47 Material has a melting point of 2600 F or 1425 C because of the rare composition of manganese, chromium, and vanadium. Its heat treatment process, which includes heating, cooling, and soaking, will vary depending on many factors. It includes the size of the rods and each component, along with the furnace type, transfer facilities, and quenching medium.

Carbon Steel EN-47 Black Bar and other bars should be slow between 650 to 700 C, or 1200 to 1300 F. Heating should continue until reaching between 830 to 860 C or 1525 to 1575 F for the EN-47 Carbon Steel Hex Bar to get final hardening to quench in oil to cool.

EN47 carbon flat bar contains from 0.40 mm to 5 mm thick in the annealed condition in Dubai

What is EN47 material hardness?

The hardening temperature for the EN47 Rods is between 830 to 860 C or 1525 to 1575 F. The medium carbon steel with chromium, manganese, and vanadium on hardening gets spring characteristics after quenching in oil. Hence it becomes useful in many applications that need extreme hardness and spring qualities.

The Brinell Rockwell hardness of EN47 medium carbon steel is 150 to 200. To increase the hardness tempering of the spring steel between temperatures of 400 to 600 C for a minimum of two hours.

2000 mm to 6000 mm in standard lengths, and cut to size upon request for EN47 carbon steel hot rolled round bar

Application of EN47 square bar

EN47 Carbon Flat Bar has many excellent properties like spring characteristics is useful in many applications. A few of the applications include structural, piping, heat exchangers, food processing, and fabrication industries.

EN 47 Forged Bar is a spring alloy steel to be best for use in many applications in the automobile industry. Since EN 47 bars have shock and vibration-absorbing capabilities, they are suitable to make hydraulic braking systems in many vehicles.