EN9 plate

en9 plate

What is en9 plate ?

En9 is a medium carbon steel grade specification. The en9 plate is designed with a chemical composition of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, and chromium. This gives the en9 steel plate good resistance to corrosive and oxidative media. These plates are generally supplied in rolled conditions. The carbon steel en9 plate has good strength and exceptional dimensional accuracy.

These plates are heat treated to increase their strength and other properties. An en9 alloy steel plate can be hardened slowly by heating at temperatures between 820 to 840 degrees c. This is followed by quenching and tempering the material. The en9 low alloy steel plate has good forging properties and can be stress relieved, normalized, or annealed.

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EN9 Plate Specification

EN9 Plate Properties

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What is the difference between en8 and en9

The en8 is designed with a primary alloy of carbon and manganese. However, the en9 grades have a good content of chromium, carbon, manganese, and other alloys. This allows the en9 sheet to have tensile strength compared to the e8 grade. The en9 can also be flame hardened, giving it better strength.


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How can 070m5 plate be cut ?

The 070m5 plate has good machinability and workability in the system. The 070m55 plate can be cut using oxy flue flame cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, and laser cutting methods.


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How to check en9 alloy steel plate before accepting ?

This plate can be checked with physical observations to check for any dents or damage. Checking test certificates of the this sheet is another option used to check the content before accepting the plate.


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Pros and cons of carbon steel en9 plate

The carbon steel en9 plate is efficiently malleable and is reliably affordable. This equipment is lighter in weight, making it easy to manufacture and process. The en9 spring steel sheet has lower strength and is limited to heat treatment procedures.


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En9 vs en19 steel

both are important grades of the en series that can be differentiated on certain factors.the major difference between both grades is their chemical composition. The en19 grade has a superior content of chromium and molybdenum. The en9 specification only has small content of chromium. This gives the en19 grade better corrosion resistance properties.