Epoxy Coated Fittings

Epoxy Coated Fittings

What do Epoxy coated fittings mean?

This is a type of coating applied to metallic products such as pipes, plates, sheets, and pipe fittings. The Epoxy Coated Fittings can resist corrosion better than the non-coated materials and last longer. Different materials can be coated with epoxy coating. The Epoxy Coated Ductile Iron Fittings are used in applications where chemicals are used and corrosion is expected to be higher.

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Heat resistant of Epoxy Coated buttweld elbow

Since the epoxy resins are applied as a powder and then sealed with a sealant, it provides a coating that is strong to resist heat. The Epoxy Powder Coating Fittings are applied on top of preheated and peened fitting, and then heated fixed, and then cured for the final product. This allows for the powder to be equally distributed, imprinted, and then sealed on the surface of the fitting.

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Why Epoxy coating is used on buttweld fittings?

Buttweld fittings are used to weld the fittings together with the pipes and piping components. There are Fbe Coated Carbon Steel Fittings or epoxy-coated fittings that can resist the welding heat. It also prevents granule formation by reducing the heat transfer to the inside of the metal. If you wonder about Epoxy Coating Fittings Suppliers Near Me you can find a luxury of suppliers here to fulfill your needs for epoxy-coated fittings.

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Epoxy Coated VS FBE Coated fittings

Epoxy Coated Fittings can be done by electrostatically distributing the epoxy powder on the surface of the metal and then curing the fitting. The FBE method is a fusion bonding of the epoxy resins. The epoxy resin can also be distributed by dipping the fitting into the resin solution. After the distribution, the epoxy is thermoset or imprinted by heat to make the coating permanent. The Epoxy Coated Flanged Fittings and other fitting are used in applications where the fittings have to get in contact with corrosive material.

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When to use AWWA C213 FBE fusion bonded epoxy coated tee

Epoxy Coated Cast Iron Fittings, welded fitting, buttweld fitting, and other types of fitting can have different standards of coating. The AWWA C213 FBE is a specification for the Quality Epoxy Coated Fittings and their applications. As the standard mandates, these can be used in the interior and exterior of steel water pipes. There are connections, welded joints, and fitting in this standard.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Epoxy-Coated pipe fittings

Epoxy Coated Cast Iron Pipe Fittings and welded pipe fittings are used in pipelines to make sure that the exterior and the interior of the pipes are devoid of corrosion. The fitting are resistant to heat. The Epoxy Coated Pipe Fittings are abrasion-resistant which protects the surface of the fitting from scratch.