Equal Cross

Equal Cross

What is equal cross?

These fittings are a part of four-way piping systems, beneficial in applications where thermal expansion is not an issue.

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Advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel equal cross

Advantages –

  • They connect 4 different pipes to form a piping system.
  • Depending on the grade used, a Stainless Steel Equal Cross may have a range of corrosion resistance properties with tensile strength ranging from good to very high.

Disadvantages –

  • Although stainless steel alloys have good resistance to heat, these fittings may stress the pipes with a change in temperatures because of their four-way nature.

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How does a ASME B16.9 buttweld equal cross work?

An equal cross could have 2 possible functions – One inlet with three outlets or one outlet with three inlets. In the first case, fluids from one inlet will be distributed to three pipelines. Whereas in the second instance, fluids from three pipes will converge into a single stream.

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Ordering information of carbon steel equal cross?

While ordering a carbon steel equal cross, one needs to have certain information that ensures a successful application. Details required to order a cross includes – material, specification or standard, thread type, thread size, size of the fitting and thickness.

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When to use ASME B16.9 cross?

Since the use of an equal cross is limited because of its inability to bear stresses, the fittings are used in either fire sprinkler systems or in pneumatic applications.

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How to calculate the thickness of a Gi equal cross?

An equal cross’s thickness can be found using the following equation.

  • Thickness = Inner diameter – outer diameter