Equal Tee

Equal Tee

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What is equal tee used for?

These fittings are used to connect three pipes of equal diameter in a piping system to form the letter ‘T’. They are used to prevent the obstruction of waste in a pipe.

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How to make an carbon steel equal tee pattern?

A carbon steel Equal Tee pattern can be drawn in the following steps

  • First, one needs to construct a full front elevation view & end elevation view for the right side. It is important to note that the tee will never pass the pipe’s centre. Hence, this portion of the illustration can be deleted.
  • Once both profiles have been drawn, they are to be divided into 6 equal parts and labelled. (Note – the circle will be divided into 12 equal parts. And the labels will rotate by 90 degrees with the rotation of the view.
  • Element lines are to be drawn from the divided profile. Project the element lines (end elevation view) in a horizontal manner in its front view.
  • Follow the markings on the label and draw a mitre through the front view.
  • The next step is to illustrate a tee stretch out, which is divided into 12 equal parts. To avoid confusion, one must label the stretch-out such that it matches the elevation view.
  • The corresponding points from the elevation views will be projected to the stretch-out.
  • The last step is to complete the pattern with a flexible curve to illustrate in the mitre line.

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How to calculate surface area of equal tee pipe fitting?

To calculate the surface area of a buttweld pipe fitting, you need to calculate the surface area of a cylinder (the base pipe and the third outlet/inlet). The following formula is used to find out the surface area of a buttweld pipe fitting :

  • A=2πrh+2πr2
  • Where
  • A = surface area
  • r = radius
  • h = height

Since an equal tee has a mitred area between 2 a base cylinder and its third outlet, the area is an equilateral triangle. The surface area of the mitred corner would be calculated with the following equation – A = √3/4 (side)2
Where side = the length of a side of the triangle.

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What is ASME B16.9 equal tee manufacturing process?

Usually, tees are produced by cold extrusion and hot pushing. For fittings with smaller thicknesses, the cold extrusion process is used, whereas, fittings with larger thicknesses are produced with hot pushing.

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How to choosing the right Bw equal tee for leakproof connection?

Choosing the right fitting can ensure a successful application. To prevent leaks in a piping system, one needs to use the right-sized fitting. Welded fittings tend to be better as they properly seal the fittings and the pipe, thereby successfully eliminating leaks.

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