Female connector

Female connector

What is female connector?

A pipe fitting that comes with grooves and joins with the male connectors to form a piping system is known as a female connector. They come with internal threads, for example, a nut can be described as the female fitting in the plumbing system. The female adapter has an eminent role in creating a watertight seal in different types of weather conditions. They are available in different materials and their sizes can be customized according to the requirements given by the clients.

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What is Tube To Female Connector?

The Tube To Female Connector can be described as a compression fittings that are widely used for different types of piping connections. They are also known as double ferrule female connector and they can be interchanged with the standard double ferrule fittings. They are ideal for various high pressure applications. They can also withstand elevated temperature conditions.

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What is double compression female connector?

The double compression female connector helps to connect the tubes and pipes in a very effective manner. As they offer pressure resistant and watertight seal, the double compression female adapter is used in a wide range of industries like oil and gas, petroleum, etc. They are also used in high integrity applications, where any type of leakages should be avoided at any cost.

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Application of compression female connector

  • They are suitable for various high integrity applications where it is essential to avoid leakages.
  • They can be used in applications that involve vibrations.
  • They are recommended for low pressure applications.

The applications of compression female connector are:

Female to female pipe connector to prevent fluid leaking, threaded female connector are equivalent to Parker, Swagelok

Advantages of compression female connector

The primary advantage of female connector tube fittings is that they eliminate any need for soldering or welding. This makes their installation easy and they are simple and quick to use. They can also be assembled and disassembled easily, which makes them an ideal fitting for piping systems that require frequent inspection and repair.

Ferrule female connector in SAE, NPSM, BSPT, BSPP, UN, NPTF, NPT threads

What is stronger UNF or UNC?

The UNF threads stand for Unified Fine Pitch Thread whereas the UNC threads stand for Unified Coarse Pitch Thread. They are both used for fastening but in different applications. UNC or the coarse thread comes with a greater strength and thus, they are preferred more for sealing.