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Ferrule Fittings

What are Ferrule Fittings?

Industrial applications require sturdy connections to connect pipe sections and tubing. Ferrule Fittings feature in various sectors like oil and gas because of their quick installation and resistance to pressure. They consist of a nut, a ferrule, and the main body of the fitting. As you tighten the nut, the ferrule gets compressed into the fitting, building a perfectly aligned seal.

A ferrule tube fitting gets produced in various sizes using materials like stainless steel and copper. You can use double-ferrule fittings with a front and a rear clamp for facilities that demand a mechanical grip.

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How do you use a ferrule fitting?

These connections get customarily used in many industries to create a reliable and sturdy seal between tubes. A ferrule pipe fitting compresses into the pipe when the nut gets tightened. It is necessary to taper the components properly to ensure the compression is smooth and tight. While using these fittings, checking the appropriate alignment and placing the ferrule (single or double) correctly is imperative.

A line contact with the tubing builds the best seal that resists leakage better than a surface seal. Therefore, avoiding over tightening the nut is vital as it can lead to deformities.

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What is the purpose of compression ferrules in offshore control panels?

Offshore control panels are significant in the oil and gas sector to monitor pressure, flow, temperature, valve position, etc. A compression ferrule fitting helps provide leak-free connections in these setups. The purposes include instrumentation, analyzers, steam sensing lines, etc. Industrial control panels use ferrules to implement the arrangement of components like motor controllers, tubing, and casing.

The advantage of using a compression fitting in such setups is the longevity and precision of the seal. You can find such fittings in various materials that offer superior corrosion resistance and work with harsh chemicals like crude oil and hydrogen sulfide.

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When should ferrules be used?

Ferrules are a trusted choice to connect piping and tubing in many industrial applications like petrochemicals, hydraulic systems, and refineries. They usually get preferred when you seek easy and quick installation without compromising the quality of the seal. A 4mm compression ferrule can work excellently in high-pressure applications and tolerate severe chemicals or temperatures.

You can also choose ferrules when it is critical to minimize the risk of leakage. They can deliver high-quality and long-lasting connections. You can find ferrules in versatile materials and different sizes to suit your particular requirements.

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Is NPT male or female?

NPT, or American National Pipe Tapered Thread, is one of the most popular connections used in multiple industries. An NPT threaded ferrule fitting comprises both male and female threads (tapered). The male one matches the form of the female to create a reliable seal for hydraulic purposes.

NPT requires the use of thread sealant to ensure there are no gaps. Missing this can lead to spiral leakage that causes damage to the piping over time. It is also critical to choose suitable tubing for NPT threaded ferrules. The material must have a long service life, withstand corrosion, and be compatible with the media.

Threaded ferrule fittings in ANSI B1.20.1 NPT, ANSI B1.20.3 NPTF, BSPT & BSPP

Which way does the ferrule go in a compression fitting?

The ferrule and the body of the fitting must align to allow proper compression upon tightening the nut. Tapered ferrule helps to avoid a torque transfer which, in turn, prevents galling. The goal is to establish a line contact for a leak-proof seal. The second one goes in the rear if you use a double-ferrule fitting.

If you use an asymmetrical ferrule, you must place it with the tip facing the body of the fitting. Symmetrical ferrules can go either way and often get preferred for easier assembly.

Advantages of ferrule tube fitting

Ferrules constitute one of the most favored fittings across industrial sectors. Ferrule tube fittings are precise due to their attachment based on line contact. It makes them the preferred choice for accuracy in process and instrumentation lines.

The seal is generally leak-proof and suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature environments like refineries and petrochemicals. They come in various sizes and types of connections like reducing union and elbow. If you use compression ferrules, you will find they are easy and fast to install. A wide range of materials like copper, brass, and stainless steel help them adapt to the needs of different industries.

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