Flange Bend

Flange Bend

What is a flange bend?

A flanged bend is a pipe fitting that has a flanges inbuilt with a bend. Ordinary bends are bent pipes to change the direction of piping. The Flange Bend connects pipes and bends together tightly where tight sealing is necessary and the bends have to be removed and replaced frequently. The Pipe Flange Bend allows for an extra sealing surface and will enable bolts and nuts to be installed to keep the bend and the pipe tightly together.

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What are some common applications of double flange bends?

A bend can have a flanges attached to one end or two flanges attached to both ends. A single-flange bend has only one flanges whereas a double-flange bend has two flanges. The double flange bends come in varieties such as the Double Flange duck foot bend. The advantage is that they can be connected by bolts and nuts with washers on both ends. When the bends need to be replaced, the pipe doesn’t need to be damaged. They can simply be disassembled from the system and new ones are replaced.

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Is exhaust flange bend heat resistance?

Yes, an exhaust flange bend is attached to an exhaust site which is usually of high temperature than the rest of the piping, for this reason, the exhaust flange bend is made up of heat-resistant materials and alloys. The Flange Bend Radius varies for different flange bends. The applications of the different radii of flanges also differ from each other.

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How do you install 90-degree ductile iron double flange bend?

Double Flanged 90 Degree Bend can be installed with a washer to a pipe that has a flanged end. Pipes come with flanged ends or flanges could be welded to pipe ends. With a flanges available at one end of the pipe, the flanges on the edge of the bend is placed to match the holes for bolts and nuts. Washers are placed in between the two flanges faces and the bolts and nuts are tightened to seal up the connection.

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How to measure single flange bend thickness?

The different types of flanges such as the Closet Flange Bend and others have specific dimensions governed by the ASME standards. The flange bends have specific dimensions stated in the catalog according to the diameters and classification for Flange Bending. However, measuring the flange bend thickness can be done by measuring the outer diameter of the pipe bend and the inner radius of the pipe bend and then calculating the difference between both values.

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Benefits of cast iron double flange bend

Cast iron is stronger and does not have welded joints in the flange or bend. There are different bends as the long radius ones and the short radius ones. Different angles are also available. The Flange bends 45 Deg Long Radius and other types can also come with double flanges. As the cast iron is stronger, the double flanges allows for a connection that is stronger and could withstand high pressure. The flanged bends are used mostly in high pressure applications.