Flange nuts

Flange nuts

What are flanged nuts called?

A flanged nut is also known as a spherical nut. It has a wide flange at one of its ends that acts as an integrated washer. These Flange Nuts have an enlarged circular base that is flared from the bottom of the nuts. They nut speed up assembly and operations and have a large bearing surface. The Hex Flange Nut is a six sided specification that can be both serrated or non serrated locking action. These nuts have a good torque requirement. Acme Flange Nut can be hot or cold forged in metric sizes from M10 to M100.

Flange Nuts specifications and dimensions

Flange Nut Specification

Flange Nut Dimensions

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What are flanged nuts used for?

A flanged nut is employed to fasten oversize hole applications. These Flanged Nuts have a protruded rim that covers more surface area. They speed up the assembly of the assembly and evenly distribute the pressure of the nuts. The Steel Finish Flange Nut is employed in different applications in conjunction with a bolt and washer.

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Are 12 point nuts stronger?

A 12 point nut is a high strength fastener that connects with the heads of fasteners. These 12 Point Nuts are similar to hex nuts of the same bearing surface and have comparable size and strength. The 12 Point Flange Nut requires a higher torquing value that gives it strong sealing and tolerances.

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Are hex flange nuts self locking?

The hex flange nut helps self lock it to the bolt without damaging it. A Self Locking Flange Nut has resistance to temperature in volatile environments. These nuts can work in temperatures between -200 to 400 degrees C or more.

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How do you install a flange nut?

A flange nut has a protruded rim of a flange nut that is exposed to a larger surface. The Metric Flange Nuts are installed like other nuts. These nuts are placed on the bolts and are affixed using a hex, socket, and Allen wrench or key.

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How do serrated flange lock nuts work?

A serrated flange lock nut provides a locking action. The Flange Nuts Serrated grade is angled such that keeps the nut from rotating in the direction that would loosen the nut. This allows it to be used with a washer on surfaces that require to be scratched.