Flanged butterfly valves

Flanged butterfly valves

What is a flanged butterfly valve?

Piping systems use different components to cope with the requirements of the applications. The components involve fittings, pipes, valves, and others. The valves are made to regulate the flow. The Flanged butterfly valves are such valves that are used to regulate the flow in a way that they can shut down the flow or open it up. The flanged butterfly valves are special in that they have flanges attached to both sides of the valves. The flanges have flat ends so that the valve can be fitted with flanges on the ends of the pipes. This is done easily with bolts and nuts fixed with gaskets in between so that the leakage is stopped. The risk of breakdown and failure is minimized.

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Can you control flow with a double flanged butterfly valve?

Yes, definitely. The Double flanged butterfly valve has flanges to facilitate the fixture. The valves are meant to regulate the flow. Although they are used to open and close the pipe to make sure that the flow is either open or closed, the valve cannot regulate the rate of flow. The valve is made to either open or shut down. It can be kept in a half-open position but it is not recommended. Because the Double flange type butterfly valve will interfere with the flow when the butterfly disc or wing is in the way of the flow. This will cause high resistance, friction, vibrations, turbulence, and pressure drop in the outlet.

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Do you need a gasket for the stainless steel flanged butterfly valve?

Yes, since the valve is connected with flanges, there have to be gaskets in between the flanges. The Stainless steel flanged butterfly valve has flanges on both sides. One flange is connected to the end of the pipe, which is often attached to a flange for easy connection. The two flanges will be aligned according to the flange bolt holes. To make sure that there are no leakages between the two flanges, there has to be a gasket. The valve itself does not need the gaskets, but to make sure that the flanges don’t leak, there has to be a gasket.

Double flange type butterfly valves can be used for isolating or regulating flow, check the C95800 flange butterfly valve leakage test as per API 598 standard

How long does the c95800 flange butterfly valve last?

Valves are made up of different materials. The C95800 flange butterfly valve can last for 10 to 30 years. The valve can last longer or shorter depending on various factors. The most important factor is the material with which the valve is made. The frequency of operation can wear off the valves. If the valve is installed in a corrosive or erosive environment, the valve can wear off and break leak. All of these factors influence how well the valve will perform and how long it will last.

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Does it matter which way a cast iron flange butterfly valve is installed?

No, not really. The valve comes in different designs. The Ductile iron double flanged butterfly valve doesn’t have a direction but it has a preferred direction of flow. What it means is that the flow in one direction has advantages over the flow in the opposite direction. Since the valve is designed to facilitate the flow in one direction, the friction and interruption are less in one direction than the other. This means the valve is preferable to be installed in that direction. However, the flow can always be in the opposite direction without any modifications.

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What are the disadvantages of ductile iron double flanged butterfly valves?

These valves are made to withstand only very low pressures. The valves range from 2 inches to 48 inches. Cast iron flange butterfly valve cannot control flow in a single direction. If the pressure in the pipes drops, or the pressure on the outlet exceeds the pressure on the inlet, the flow will be reversed. Since the valve is present in the way of the flow, even when it is fully open, it interrupts the flow. It cannot be used in high-flow applications because it will cause turbulence and pressure drop. Due to the design, butterfly valves cannot last long in corrosive applications. The wing or the disc will wear off due to corrosion and erosion.