Flare cap

Flare cap

What is flare cap?

A complete tube fitting assembly which is used for capping a piece of tubing is known as a flare cap. It contains a front ferrule, back ferrule, nut, and a blank fitting body. The blank body of the flare brass cap helps to pressure test the given assembly before they are installed in the piping system. The 3/8-inch threaded brass flare caps are used for waterproofing the connections and they can also close the hydraulic or pneumatic pipes/tubes ends. The flare cap for gas line is used in commercial, industrial and domestic supply lines, process equipment, machinery, etc. It is shaped like that of a cap.

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What are 37° JIC cap used for?

The 37° JIC cap is used in fluid power and fuel delivery applications. They are especially used in high pressure applications where the pressure can go up to 10,000 psi. The 37 degree flare cap is used in services with excessive vibrations and high mechanical loads.

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JIC vs AN flare cap

The JIS and the AN flare cap are dimensionally similar, but the JIS ones are produced with less exacting tolerances. Also, the JIC hydraulic caps are less costly. However, the primary difference between them lies in their thread. The AN fittings use an increased root radius thread and a tighter tolerance for achieving increased fatigue strength and shear strength. They both also have different material requirements.

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What the difference between 37 and 45 degree flare cap?

The 37 degree flare caps are mostly used in high pressure applications like hydraulic excavators, tractors, etc. The 45 degree flare cap is used in applications with low to medium pressure, like that present in aerospace and military equipment. It is to be noted that these flare caps are not interchangeable.

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Application of jic fitting cap

The jic hydraulic caps are flared fittings that come with a seating surface that have 37 degree flare. They are widely used for applications like fuel delivery and fluid power. It means that the JIC 37° Flare Thread Cap can handle high pressure up to 10,000 psi.

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Advantages of SAE flare caps

The benefits of SAE flare caps are:

  • They offer a high-degree and long-term reliability.
  • They are used in various critical applications.
  • They are for parts placed in inaccessible locations.
  • They can help to waterproof the connection.
  • They are used to withstand high vibrations.

Is ORB the same as BSPP?

ORB and BSPP are not the same. But it is possible to have BSPPconnection on one end of the hydraulic hose caps and ORB connection on the other. The ORB connection comes with an O-ring and straight threads which helps to form a tight seal as they are joined with the opposite gender.