Flare coupling

Flare coupling

What is flare coupling?

When a compression tube or hose is used with a metal tubing, especially in high temperature and high pressure applications, it is known as flare coupling. They have a simple construction and thus, are used throughout the world. The brass flare union coupling is used for producing a pressure-resistant and leak-tight seal. The brass flare coupling is very cost-effective and offers long term reliability. These couplings are ideally used in military and aerospace applications. The flare union coupling can ideally join both hydraulic tubes and hose systems.

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What is female flare coupling?

The female flare coupling comes with a tapered end which fits into the flared piece of tubing. They are secured in place with the help of a sleeve and flare fitting for producing a pressure resistant and leakage proof sealing.

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What is inverted flare coupling?

The inverted flare coupling is mostly used in power steering, hydraulic brakes, fuel lines and also, the transmission of cooler lines. They are affordable, reliable, and offer excellent resistance to vibration. It has internal seats and threads, which remain completely protected.

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What is the purpose of a flare brass coupling?

The flare brass coupling is used in critical and inaccessible locations. They are ideal for applications taking place in high temperature and high pressure.

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What is SAE 45° Flare Tube Coupling?

The SAE 45° Flare Tube Coupling is very dependable and cost-effective. They are an optimal choice for heating, air and refrigeration. They are also used in other industrial markets.

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Advantages of flared coupling

The advantages of flared coupling are:

  • They offer high and long-term reliability.
  • They are used in critical applications.
  • They can be used in various inaccessible locations.
  • They can be used in heavy machinery, and various construction and industrial equipment.