Flare union

Flare union

What is a flare union?

Union is a fitting which allows the pipe work to be separated and reconnected without causing any horizontal movements in the pipe. The flare union can be described as a type of standalone compression fitting that helps to connect two pipes or integral part of another fittings which lets it stay separated. One of the top reasons behind using 37 degree flare union is that they are easy to assemble and disassemble. They also allow pipes made of different materials to get connected easily. The jic flare union can prove to be helpful for piping connections that need frequent inspection or maintenance.

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What is flare union adapter?

The flare union adapter is used for joining two pipes often present in air or vacuum lines. They are not shouldered and thus can be connected and disconnected quite easily. They are mostly used with flared nuts for added safety in gas and liquid pipelines.

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What is the difference between NPT and flare?

The difference between NPT and flare is that the threads of NPT are tapered, whereas the thread of jic flare union runs parallel to each other across the axis of the fitting. The NPT threads also come with crests and troughs, which means there are 600 angles between each consecutive thread. For the JIC union flare, they come with coarse, fine, or extra-fine thread sizes and each representing the diameter and count for the thread in their corresponding male and female parts.

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What is Double End Flare Union?

The Double End Flare Union can be described as a type of compression fittings that are mostly used with different types of metal tubing solutions. They come with a smooth finish and are very easy to install. The double flare union possesses a very strong structure and thus, they can effectively resist heat and various other atmospheric conditions.

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male vs female flare union

The male flare union is either at a 45 degree flare within the tube fitting or at a 42 degree seat in the machine adapter. The female flare union comes with a straight threads that has a 42 degree inverted flare.

Male and female flare union in Metric, JIS, BSOT, BSPP threads as per MIL-F-18866/ SAE J514 standard

Difference between flare swivel union and reducing flare union

The flare swivel union is used for connecting machine parts which enables the relative rotation of the connected parts. On the other hand, the reducing flare union is a fitting component which is designed for effectively fitting two separate pipes.

Uses of brass flare union

The brass flare union is used in the manufacturing process of domestic or commercial air conditioners. They are also found in various refrigeration systems. They are a cost-effective compression fitting which is also used in vacuum lines, fuel equipment, etc.