Flareless fittings

Flareless fittings

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24 degree flareless fittings suppliers in UAE

Specification of flareless fittings

Sizes of flareless tube fittings Size (mm) Pressure Rating of Flareless compression fitting
  • 1/8″ to 2″
  • 3mm to 50mm
  • Up to 5000 psi
Temperature Range of flareless hydraulic fittings Flareless compression hydraulic tube fittings are equivalent to Threads of flareless bite type fittings
  • Stainless: -425° to 1200°F
  • Alloy 400: -65° to 800°F

Above equivalent brands available with the listed flareless fittings suppliers & manufacturer in Dubai at pipingmaterial.ae

  • NPT
  • SAE Straight Thread
  • NPTF
Grades of metric flareless tube fittings Flareless fittings types flareless compression fittings series
  • Carbon Steel flareless fittings
  • Stainless Steel flareless fittings
  • Zinc Plated flareless fittings
  • Brass flareless tube fittings
  • SS 316 flareless fittings
  • SS 316L flareless fittings
  • MS flareless fittings
  • Copper flareless fittings
  • Monel
  • Titanium
  • Half hard copper
  • Aluminium
  • Straight Flareless
  • Elbow Flareless
  • Male/Female Flareless Elbows
  • Flareless Caps Plugs and Sleeves
  • Union Elbow Flareless
  • Tee’s Flareless
  • Bulkhead Union Flareless
  • 24 degree flareless fittings
  • Union Tee Flareless
  • Flareless tube nut
  • Flareless tube cap
  • Flareless tube sleeve
  • Flareless tube plug
  • Flareless tube adapter
  • Flareless tube reducer
  • 45°
  • 90°
Manufacturing Standard ASTM Standard of SAE j514 flareless tube fittings Applications of SAE Flareless Bite Type Fittings
  • ISO 6162-1
  • ISO 6162-2
  • SAE J518
  • SAE J514
  • ASTM A182
  • ASTM A479
  • ASTM A564
  • Compressor
  • Off-Shore Oil & Gas
  • Power Plants
  • Lubrication
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Gas industry
  • Machine Tool
Minimum Quantity Advantages Finishes
  • Contact below listed Flareless compression fitting manufacturers for special request
  • Leak proof seal
  • Resistance to vibration
  • Clear Zinc Trivalent
  • Zinc with yellow chromate
Marking Flareless Hydraulic Fittings body parts Free Sample
  • Size
  • Heat code
  • Material
  • Manufacturers/ suppliers name & logo
  • Nut,
  • Ferrule (Sleeve)
  • and Body

Note: flareless fittings are suitable for heavy wall/ thicker hydraulic tubing

  • Yes, you can directly contact to below listed verified flareless fittings suppliers for a quick quote and free sample

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Flareless compression hydraulic tube fittings for Analytical Installations & Hydrogen Service
Flareless bite type fittings and tube plug in SAE, BSPT, BSPP, NPTF, NPT, NPSM, UN threads

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