Flat face flange

flat face flange

What is a flat face flange?

A flat face flange is a robust face type used in bolting flanges. A Flat face flange has a gasket surface located on the same plane as that of the bolting circle face. The flanges generally use soft gaskets to create a sealing. The Flat flanges have the same height as the bolting line. The purpose of these flanges is to prevent the bending movement of the flanges as bolts are torqued. An Ff flange is generally preferred in lower pressure and temperature situations mostly in water treatment systems. The Ansi flat face flange is designed with different pressure ratings from class 150 to 2500. These flanges are available in sizes of 1/2 to 48 NB. The Class 150 ff flange is the lowest pressure rated flange that is available at low prices. The flat face flanges cannot be bolted using raised face flanges. The Astm a105 flat flanges cannot be rotated once they are installed due to bolt hole penetrations through a gasket. The robust Flat face weld neck flange can be customized as per project requirements.

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Flat Face Flange dimensions, pressure rating, weight and specification

Flat Face Flange Specification

Flat Face Flange Dimensions

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When to use SS flat face flanges?

A SS flat face flange has the same height as its bolting line. The Stainless steel flat face flanges is common in lower pressure and temperature conditions in harsh environments. The robust Flat face socket weld flanges is used in less stress-induced conditions like lower pressure piping and firefighting system.

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Do flat face flanges have serrations?

The flat face flanges requires serrations as per the specified standard. The applicable standard of the Slip on flat face flanges is dependent on industry and applications. A serrated finish of the flanges is smooth and has rough tool markings. The Flat face threaded flange is available in spiral and concentric serrated finish.

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What flanges are machined with a flat face?

A flat flanges is machined flat and doesn’t have a ridge like a raise or a ring type joint flange. A Carbon steel ff flange can be shaped in slip-on, weld neck, socket weld, blind, orifice, threaded flanges, etc.

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How do you remove rust from a flat face blind flange?

Rusting is a major face for maintaining and operating an FF blind flanges. A Flat face blind flange can be cleaned by removing the rust by brushing with a steel brush. The flanges can be painted and coated with baking soda and vinegar baths. The A350 lf2 flat face blind flanges can also be sprinkled with salt to help reduce the rust in the metal.

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How to choose the right ff flange for your project?

A flat face flanges comes in different specifications, and users have to select them based on their features. The Flat face weld neck flanges can be selected based on pressure, temperature, and other requirements seen in the system. The versatile Alloy steel flat face weld neck flanges are well versed in lower pressure and temperature conditions, so choose accordingly. Several manufacturers can custom design the Ss slip on flat face flange to suit different project requirements.