Flexloc nuts

Flexloc nuts

What is a flexloc nut?

A flexloc nut is a single pieced met prevailing torque locknut. The Flexloc Nuts are designed to use in higher temperatures compared to other insert locknuts. Threads on these portion help induce load and stress. The Fine Thread Flexloc Nut can be easily installed with a bolt or screw and can be easily removed. These nuts have good corrosion resistance properties and are very reliable.

Flexloc Nuts specifications and dimensions

Flexloc Nuts Specifications

Flexloc Nuts Dimensions

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What is flexloc lock nut?

A flexloc lock nut is a classic grade used in self locking. The Flexloc Lock Nut help clamp threads of these nuts to prevent loosening due to vibration and shock. These nuts can be easily dismantled and reused if their integrity is still optimum.

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How do flexloc nuts work?

A flexloc nut is a one piece hexagon shaped grade designed with a round collar at its back end. The Flexloc Hex Nut collar is segmented at its opposed slots cut at each corner of the nut. As the screw or bolt reaches the collar, the slotted portion expands, which allows for prevailing locking action.

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What sizes do flex lock nuts come in?

The flex lock nuts are designed in metric sizes of M2 to M33. These Flex Lock Nuts are available in lengths between 3mm to 200mm.

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Advantages and uses of metric flexloc nuts

The flexloc nut is a locking device that has a slit at its ends. These Metric Flexloc Nuts create a locking mechanism that expands to create a reliable connection. They prevent loosening due to vibration or tension.

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Applications of steel flex top lock nuts

A steel flex top lock nut is fastening equipment to create a strong clamping force in different applications. These Steel Flex Top Lock Nuts are a feature in automotive engines, suspension nuts, aerospace, agricultural and industrial applications.