Flexo Outlet

Flexo Outlet

What Is Flexo Outlet?

It is a branch connection fitting that can reduce the number of fitting sizes per outlet. The revisions per the MSS specifications make it possible for a flexo outlet to reduce these sizes. They are similar to weldolet fittings, with the exception of their bore. While a weldolet is produced with a tapered bore, these have a straight-through bore.

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What Does An Flexolet Do?

An ASTM A182 F304 Flexolet has substituted conventional techniques of forming connections. In recent years, they have gained popularity for their ability to connect reinforced fittings.

Always check ASTM A105 flexolet dimension, advantages, and weight chart of SW flexolet as per ASME B16.11

Advantages of SW Flexolet

There are several advantages of using an sw flexolet.

  • Less warehouse bin locations
  • The inventory for an individual item will be lower.
  • Order fulfilment will have an increased pace.

If the environment contains corrosive substances like chlorine gas or acids or a high level of salts, a Stainless Steel Flexolet can outperform carbon steel. Though they cost higher than the other alloy, they perform better in the long run, especially where corrosion is a primary concern.

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Temperature Range Of Flexolet Fitting

The temperature range for a Flexolet Socket Weld Outlet Fitting will depend on the material used for its production. In areas that require resistance to fire, or applications that are exposed to flammable substances, carbon steel works well. Not only is the material cheaper, but some carbon steel grades are resilient to fire and have good toughness. In terms of their temperature, some low-carbon alloys will work well. Yet, they may become brittle as the temperature becomes lower. On the other hand, the performance of stainless steel alloys like 304 and 316 in low temperatures is considered to be good, without significant loss in their impact resistance. These grades are often seen in cryogenic applications. In temperatures as high as 1500°F, special grades like 321 or 347 deliver good performance without getting oxidized. A flexolet will not lose its strength even under such conditions.

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What Is The Maximum Pressure Rating For Stainless Steel Flexolet?

A pressure class or rating is the maximum pressure capacity a fitting like a flexolet can withstand at any given temperature, under normal circumstances. The pressure ratings for a Stainless Steel Flexolet range between 3000 LBS to a maximum of 9000 LBS.

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How Do You Measure DN Of Carbon Steel Threaded Flexolet?

The nominal diameter of a fitting is an alphanumeric designation of size. Abbreviated with the letters DN, the designation will be followed by a dimensionless whole number. This number is indirectly related to the physical size of the fitting. The whole number in the designation is the millimetres of the bore of the Carbon Steel Threaded Flexolet (ID). Or it will be the OD i.e. outside diameter of the end connections.