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Forged fitting specification

Forged fitting specification

What is Forged Pipe Fittings?

Forged fittings are devices that are produced in forged carbon steel. Forged Fittings have a manufacturing process as they are cut, and heated billets are passed through them precisely to shape them. The Forged Pipe Fittings possess superior strength and have a high quality. These fittings connect different types of piping materials efficiently in the system. Forged Steel Fittings reduce the risk of leakage in the system. The cost-effective devices can be availed in different sizes and specifications to meet project requirements. Forged Fittings manufacturers can custom design different sizes and shapes that allow it to work in different applications.


Forged Fittings


Forged Elbow and Forged Steel Union available in 2000/ 3000/ 6000 Lb, compare price of various Forged fittings suppliers in UAE


Difference between Class 2000, 6000 & 3000 Forged Steel Fittings

Forged steel fittings are designed in different pressure classes. Class 2000 Forged Steel Fittings are roughly rated at schedule 80 specification. These fittings are not very common and are preferred in lower pressure applications. The Class 3000 Forged Steel Fittings are rated at pressure ratings of 3000 maximum pressure ratings. The versatile fittings are seen in moderate to higher pressure conditions. 3000 Lb Forged Steel Fittings are roughly designed in schedule 160. As the temperature increases their strength decreases. The Class 6000 Forged Steel Fittings are used in higher pressure and temperature conditions.


What is Forged Elbow?

A Forged Elbow is a fitting that is primarily utilized to change the direction of the flow in the system. These elbows are available at angles of 45 and 90 degrees. Forged Elbow Fitting can also be available as street elbows. These fittings can be available in equal or reduced sizes. A Forged Steel Elbow has a high level of durability and allows for simple connection.


Manufacturer & exporter of Forged Pipe Fittings as per ASME B16.11 specification in various types, grades and specification


Thread types of Forged Fittings

Threads of forged fittings are designed in different threads. The most common threads of a Forged Steel Union are UN, NPT, BSPP, and BSPT, metric parallel, and metric tapered specification.


What Is The Difference Between Forged And Wrought Fittings

Difference Between Forged And Wrought Fittings


Cast vs Forged Fittings

Casting and forging are two manufacturing processes used to shape metal. A Forged Coupling is stronger and more reliable than casting steel. During the forging process, hot billets are passed to shape the metal. The main benefit of casting is that they are too large and complex, which is not possible with a Forged Tee.


How Are Forged Pipe Fittings Made ?

Forged steel fittings are identified by their material. The procedures in the production of forged steel fittings include heating and cutting billets, shot blasting, trimming, and on heated billets pressure is applied under dies to form required forms.. Then, for net shape and dimensions, machine-forged blank fittings were used.

What Materials are Used in Their Construction?

  • Carbon Steel: A105,
  • Stainless Steel: 304 or 316 stainless steel


The following are a few of the several procedures utilised in the production of forged pipe fittings:

Forged Fittings Manufacturing Processes


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Forged Tee Dimensions

Forged Tee Dimensions


Forged Tee Dimensions


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Forged Steel Coupling Dimensions

Forged Steel Coupling Dimensions


Forged Steel Coupling Dimensions